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How to Prevent Your Website from Cyber Attacks

Most websites are the soul of businesses. Therefore, to secure website you owned and maintaining them is the prior thing that one should do in order to get results and ROI. In recent days, website security has become the major drawback and that has simultaneously affected the growth of the business.

Over the years the internet security has turned out to be much tightened than they used to be in the earlier days. At the same time, website hackers have evolved in finding new techniques and they have grown smarter as technological improvements occur.

This has reached an extent where big corporations and even government websites were not able to secure them from such attacks. At such circumstances how do you now protect your website from hackers and viruses?

prevent website hacking

To answer your question, I have come up with this post where you find better answers and effective techniques to not just protecting your website from hackers but to keep your business safe and positioned higher on search rankings.

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 #1. SSL Certificate Plays a Vital Role:

I have always mentioned the importance of SSL certificate and especially when it comes to online business, SSL certificate needs more attention. There are two or more benefits in installing an SSL certificate to your website.

If you are one of those website owners searching for the best website security tools, good SSL certificate is all you actually need to prevent website hacking. You do not just protect your website; rather you improve trust among your users. SSL certificate also increases credibility by allowing your website to rank much better on search engines.

Moreover, if you are providing an e-commerce service, it is more important to protect your customer’s information hence your customers would be required to enter their transaction details.

And that is why every customer looks out for the HTTPS and the green padlock symbol near the URL to make sure that the website is secured enough.

Some website owner asks – How do I enable HTTPS on my website? The answer is simple. Trusted Certificate Authority like GeoTrust global CA –, issues simple and secured SSL Certificate.

To obtain SSL Cert, a website owner needs to create a CSR. There are a couple of websites where to generate this file for free.create a CSR file

Once the GeoTrust validate the website authenticity, it provides few SSL bundle files. These files need to install in their server as mentioned in the instruction.

There are many benefits to investing in the digital certificate, like lowest price, instant issuance, unlimited server license and 99% browser support.

#2. Change Your Password Periodically:

Passwords are your first security agent that protects your website. You need to generate strong passwords that it may not be diluted. You may use online tools like to create a very strong password.

secure website from hackers

Utilizing solid passwords is a powerful method to confine if not totally takes out beast power and lexicon assaults. Solid passwords are not only a necessity for your email or monetary exchanges on the web; they are likewise basic for your site server, administrator and database passwords.

Ensure your secret key is a blend of alphanumeric characters, images, upper and lower case characters and is no less than 12 characters in length to forestall savage power assaults.

Try not to utilize a similar secret word for all your distinctive site logins. Change your passwords routinely to keep them doubly secure. Store clients’ passwords in an encoded frame. This guarantees regardless of whether there is a security break, aggressors don’t get their hands on genuine client passwords.

#3 Activate Web Application Firewall:

A web application firewall (WAF) can be programming or equipment based. It sets between your site server and the information association and peruses all of the information going through it.

A majority of the cutting edge WAFs is cloud-based and gave as an attachment and-play benefit, for a humble month to month membership expense. Essentially, the cloud benefit is sent before your server, where it fills in as a portal for all approaching activity. Once introduced, the web application firewall gives finish genuine feelings of serenity, by obstructing all hacking endeavours and furthermore sifting through different kinds of undesirable activity, similar to spammers and malevolent bots. This is an awesome method to abstain from getting your website hacked like Craigslist.

#4 Activate Automatic Software Update:

Hackers are very much mindful that numerous independent venture and people neglect to refresh their PC’s working framework programming. What’s more, they accept each open door to abuse this, as found in the May 2017 WannyCry ransomware flare-up, which focused a known issue in Windows working frameworks.

Clients who refreshed their Windows past to the flare-up were secured, yet the numerous clients overall who had obsolete frameworks felt its belongings. Furthermore, once inside, this flare-up, similar to others before it, assaulted whole systems and brought whole organizations, sites, administrative, and instructive frameworks to their knees.

Keep your Windows and other working frameworks secure by setting up programmed updates to introduce the most recent security updates and fixes. Keep in mind! Indeed, even the best antivirus and firewall security can’t ensure an obsolete working framework. So influence this security to work one.

#5 Get Your Data Backed Up:

Backing up your business’ information and site may enable you to recuperate what you’ve lost in case of an assault.

It’s fundamental that you frequently back up your critical information and data, from budgetary records and marketable strategies to client records and individual data. This will diminish the harm in case of a break or PC issue. Luckily, backing up your information is by and large savvy and simple.

secure website from hackers
Image source: Pexels.

It’s a smart thought to utilize different reinforcement strategies to help guarantee the security of your essential documents. A decent reinforcement framework ordinarily incorporates:

Every day incremental back-ups to a compact gadget as well as distributed storage benefit

  • Weekly Server Back-ups
  • Quarterly Server Back-ups
  • Yearly Server Back-ups.

Make it a propensity to back up your information to an outside drive or compact gadgets like a USB stick.

Store convenient gadgets independently offsite and don’t abandon them associated with the PC as they can likewise be contaminated from a digital assault. Having a duplicate of your information in a different area will give you a chance to recuperate data rapidly and effectively in case of any information misfortune.

Consistently check and test that you can recover your information from your backup source.

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#6 Utilize Spam Filters:

Are your Webmails filled with junk? Are you unable to identify spam emails? Employ spam filters that help you to avoid spam and phishing emails that your inbox receives.

Spam messages that hit your inbox are usually from unknown personalities or companies. They often offer you advantages that are mostly true. But try avoiding them or not responding to them.

The only solution that you could take to prevent them is just deleting the emails or messages and activates your spam filter. Employing a spam filter can help you and your employees from opening or responding to such emails thereby preventing your website from being hacked.

A certain government claim it an offence and charge punishments on spam mail senders.

Note: If you are seeking to fortify the security of your websites or servers, or require expert malware removal from your server, DigmLabs is your trusted partner. We offer a comprehensive suite of web-related services, with a particular focus on security solutions. While our expertise encompasses website development, our specialization lies in delivering top-tier security services.

Securing Your Website From Hackers – Wrapping Up:

The above-mentioned techniques and measures could definitely help you in securing your website from hackers and most malicious attacks. If you find anything fishy on your website, it is good for you to take measurable steps and in order to help you with some effective ones I have come with this post.

You can implement any of these steps or measures to your website and see better results in both security and your website ranking, as both are correlated. Do not miss to drop in a comment on your success story.

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