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10 Best Private Browser App for Android And iOS

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A lot of people are very discreet or like to be very discreet when they use a browser to search, surf, or go to websites without having other people in their business. It could even be because of a reason that is professional or business related and they do not need other people either going through their PC’s or their web history looking at things that are very secure for their eyes only. So, below I will be listing the 10 best private browser apps for you to use with ease.

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It could even be for personal reasons and most people still do not like the idea that other people can have access to their history. So, Browser creators have come up with a way for you to use the best apps for your devices for Android or iOS respectively.

10 Private Browser Apps That Are Good For Android And iOS

  1. Google Chrome

google chromeGoogle Chrome is an excellent private browser app because this app is great to use and fast for your Android or iOS device. Its creators came up with a fantastic way that gives you one of the best modes to use for private browsing. This mode is called incognito mode. The mode allows you to use multiple tabs as much as you like. One of the defaults is to not just close the mode, because once you do, all that you were working on will be automatically deleted and you cannot get them back.

  1. InBrowser

inbrowserThis app is a quality app with an amazing interface. You would be delighted to use this app because of its amazing high features, unlike most other apps. It has a TOR and video support allowing you to surf your way easily. It also closes the private tabs automatically when it is idle for a long time. All your files will be gone and not found anymore, so you have to be really cautious while in use. You can download it either on your Android or iOS devices.

  1. Ghostery privacy browser

ghostery privacy browserGhostery Privacy Browser is another app that is very discreet and I know you already got that from the implying name. This app is available for download on your Android or iOS devices. Like the two apps listed above, it has a similar ability but this app places the feature of deleting your browser history into your own hands. So, depending on how long you want to use your history should be a decision to make and not of this private browser app.

  1. Dolphin Zero

dolphin zeroApart from the name that you cannot easily relate to, this app is awesome to use on both Android and iOS devices and it has similar features as the rest. With its amazing interface, you are guaranteed to enjoy this browser to surf the internet privately. it has a special feature differing from other apps and the feature is called “DO NOT TRACK” which does not accumulate your browsing data.

  1. Firefox

firefox browserThis popular and diligent private browsing app used by millions of people discreetly without having to worry who will check out your histories. Apart from being a very fast app to use, it has a mode called private browsing mode that allows you do all your surfing securely without having a flinch of doubt of those data getting to the eyes of a third party. Get this app for your Android and iOS devices and get complete isolation with whatever you do.

  1. Puffin

puffinPuffin is an amazing app to use that allows you to surf the internet privately without having to worry if people are snooping to see what you have been working on. This app has an amazing interface also for Android and iOS users. Puffin has a lot of various features but one, in particular, is that it allows you to have a gamepad and trackpad that is virtually allowing you to play offline games without Wifi.

  1. Maxthon

maxthon Maxthon is one of the best private browser apps that allow you to search for things and work privately with ease and convenience. This app is also available for Android and iOS download. It also has a mode called incognito mode allowing your surf discreetly. This app allows you to have the kind of browsing speed you want and lets you set it and also add websites you like to its bookmark.

  1. Secure private browsing

secure private browsingSecure private browsing is like most apps here you can easily get the functions of the app just by the name. This is an app that allows you to have multiple tabs as you browse to your convenience. It is efficient to use and it also clears your caches very easily and you can download this app for your Android and iOS devices.

  1. DuckDuckGo

duckduckgoDuckDuckGo allows you to do the same thing as most of the apps in this list of private browser apps. This app allows you to browse privately without the worry of a third-party snooping through your devices. One of the fantastic features this app comes with is allowing you secure access to its contents by letting you lock it with either your face ID or your touch ID. It is available for Android or iOS devices.

  1. Cheetah Browser

cheetah browserCheetah Browser is another unique browser that shares almost the same features with the other apps in this article. The mobile app lets you browse privately with your Android or iOS devices. It gives you amazing features to work with like blocking ads while you use it and others. This is really satisfying to use and you would be pleased to have it either on your Android phone or iOS devices.

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Most apps do not offer what the apps in this article for private browser apps offer, and that is why they are the best 10 best private browsing apps you can use recently with every sense of satisfaction and discretion.

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