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3 Best Private Number Calling Software for Android – Download

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Private number calling software for Android are tools you can use when you want to remain anonymous to the individual on the receiving side of the conversation for personal reasons. You may want to make a call without anyone knowing who is on the line either for good or bad reasons. No matter what your reasons are, there are applications that will serve you well.

Some of these apps will block your phone number, send self-destructing messages, make multiple free calls and send free text messages. What is common to these apps is that they hide your identity.

This post will show you three private number calling software for Android you can use to call people and remain unknown for a small fee.

Private Number Calling Software for Android.


Sideline private number calling app for AndroidYou may not want to give out your private number to individuals you hardly know. Yet you must communicate with them for business and personal reasons. You can use Sideline to meet that desire for anonymity.

Therefore, when you think of a private number calling software for Android that can meet your need of hiding your identity think of Sideline. Download it here.


Currently, it works in the US and Canada. You can use it as your second phone line, a temporary number, fake number, business number, and to keep your real number from others.

Also, you should be aware that Sideline works through your local telephone network. Therefore, you will receive a bill for any calls you make or receive with Sideline.


It is not expensive to use the application. You have 7-day free trial. You can start with a limited package that cost $2 or pays $15 for the unlimited package for one month.


Its feature includes text messaging, picture messages – MMS, using Wi-Fi to call, VoIP calling, and you can even port your real number to Sideline etc.


With a programmable voice mail, you can separate your voicemail from your real number. It is simple to use, and you can use the free service offer if you don’t mind seeing advertisements once in a while.


Hushed Hushed is one of the highest selling private number calling software for Android. It has sold over $13.75 million dollars in 10 countries according to a report by the developers. You can use hushed to protect your personal information. Though, some may use the application for other untoward reasons.

How it works

Hushed is an app that generates phone numbers with area codes of over 45 countries to enable you to make calls with your identity hidden. It uses data or Wi-Fi to make calls which keep your call charges low no matter where you are calling in the countries where it works.

Whenever you use Hushed, it protects your information, and more of your calls will get through without it being ignored by the receiving party.



You can begin using Hush with a 3-day trial offer. It costs only $5 for you to use the private number on your application for a whole month.

You pay for what you use. For example, if you need the number for one day, you can pay for one day, use the app and discard the phone number. In addition, you can call someone from a different number each time you are using this app on android. You may also use only one number to make all your calls all the time.


This app was made by Affinity Click, and you can use it as a private number calling software for android and IOS devices.


Its features include VOIP, MMS, and SMS. Presently, Text Messages are only available in the US, UK and Canada. You can use this app to make PIN messaging.

Some of its benefits include using disposable numbers to keep your privacy and the provision for separate voice mail from your real number. Finally, you can turn on private messaging capability if both the caller and the receiver have the Hush application. Download on PlayStore.


Ad hoc lab produced Burner. It is an app to change your phone number when calling someone. This application is old and tested though currently, you can only use it in Canada and the USA. With it, you can make a call and text from a private number you choose.

It uses your local telephone provider’s tariff and has its own voice mail different from that of your real phone number. The best part of Burner is that you can choose to burn your number at any time and get another one to use anytime you want it. Therefore, it is a private number calling software for android.


One good feature is the ability to use your number to connect to Dropbox and SoundCloud. The disadvantage in using burner is that it does not keep you hidden from others.

What it does is that it expands privacy. So, just have it in mind when you use a burner that when you infringe on others rights and they sue you, the backup of your conversation can be produced in the court.


The most important benefit to you is the ease with which you can discard your new phone line and get another one. Just be mindful that you can be traced so don’t do any questionable acts thinking you are anonymous because you are not.


You can start using it with a 7-day trial offer. You use credit pack as payment for using the line for as long as it can last. Pay as little as $2 and use it for calling and texting within a given time. You can pay 5$ for a new number which you can use continuously.


You now have 3 private number calling software for Android that can help you stay anonymous up to a certain level. They are proven to protect your identity and keep your personal information from people you do not know at a small fee.

Use the privilege in a responsible way. Try one today and share your experience here. Use the Social media buttons freely and share this article.

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