Pros and Cons of Autodesk Maya Software for Education

The educational version of every Autodesk products is free for both teachers and students. If you can prove the eligibility of your institution, you will be able to use any of their products for one year until it is time for renew. This means Maya education is available to every learner and educator out free of charge. The education version of Maya is just as functional as its commercial version. It has the same tools, resources, and will offer great services to students. According to a report by Autodesk support, the educational version of all their products is as functional as the commercial ones.

With the free license of Autodesk Maya, students can learn the functionalities of the software and become familiar with it. Just as Maya education is functional and great, you should know some of the pros and cons of the software before you begin to use it.

Autodesk Maya: Overview

Maya was first released in 1998 by a Canadian corporation named Alias/Wavefront. Then it became part of Autodesk product in 2005. It is one of the most popular modeling and animation software ever known in the graphic industry. With Maya, developers can create complex characters, effects and world. There are animation tools of the software that makes it possible to bring characters to life. Maya is highly known for creating realistic effects. The software came to life with the combination of PowerAnimator, Advanced visualizer, and Alias Sketch.

Disney animation house also play a major role in developing the software. In 2000, during the production of Dinosaur, the animation house tested the UI and UX of Maya. Since, it has been built till now, the software has been a standard one. It won an academy award for outstanding technical and scientific achievement in 2003. Movies like Harry Potter and Transformers used the technology to produce their effects and animations.

How to get Autodesk Maya Software for Education

If you are a student or teacher, it is totally possible for you to get Autodesk Maya for free as long as your institution meets all the requirements. The first thing you need to do is visit the Autodesk official website. Then click on the Get started below the “Unlock educational access to Autodesk products.” You will be asked to fill your country, institution type and name. Follow every step to get Autodesk Maya. It is totally possible to get the educational version of any Autodesk software you want.

Autodesk gives free access to students and educators to empower them and prepare them for the future. This version lasts for a year and can be renewed if you are still eligible as a student. However, once you stop being a student, you will have to subscribe for the software.

Autodesk Maya: The Pros

One of the obvious pro of using Maya for education is that it comes at no price. Maya is expensive to buy as a student. Autodesk is giving you the opportunity to use this software without paying any dime whatsoever. This helps in preparing students for what is out there. When compared to other Autodesk products, Maya is undoubtedly the best at animation. It helps in creating real effects and animations. The software is usually the top choice in the movie industry because of its great motion capture handling. So, students who want to enter that industry already have an edge. With Maya, students can learn how to make intuitive animation, organic modeling, and character rigging. It also allows freehand drawing of 3D shapes with its paint effect. Some of the other pros of Maya are:

  • Very easy to use
  • Rendering engine
  • Great at shading and rendering 3D assets
  • Simple in creating and editing complex animations
  • Also possible to create scripts and plugins due to its python API.
  • Great for procedural creation.

Autodesk Maya: The Cons

When using Maya, 3D can be difficult to learn for students who are just beginning. The node editor of the software can be difficult to work with. Most people have also complained about the interface of the software. Maya has some compatibility problem with working with other Autodesk products without plugins. Since education version is free, there is no need to worry about the expensive price of the software.


In summary, Autodesk Maya is a great software for beginning developers. Since its education version is free, Students can make use of it to empower themselves for future purpose. There are more pros to using the software than there are cons.



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