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10 Best RAM Cleaner Apps For Android And iPhone

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The Ram of a Smartphone device is one of its most important parts, actually, without a RAM no mobile device would function properly. Every smartphone device comes with a RAM core. Also, if you’re suffering from low space memory and very slow device problems, it is probably because your ram if filled up with big size junk files of applications or even image thumbnails. In this post, we will tackle those problems by treating RAM cleaner app.

Ram Cleaner app

You can use RAM cleaner apps to easily clear up big junk of data files that are eating up a good size of your Ram space. This will inevitably free some storage space, increase RAM memory and Boost your device. Now if you suffer Ram problems with either your Android or iOS device, you can try some of the RAM Cleaner apps, I’m about to mention below. Now Let’s check them out.

10 Best RAM Cleaner Apps For Android And iPhone

  1. Memory Cleaner: Free Up RAM

Memory Cleaner: Free Up RAM

Memory cleaner is a memory booster app for iOS device, that smartly cleans and boosts your device Ram core. By doing this, it inevitably frees up memory and makes your device super fast for navigation and other mobile related services. You can also view essential details like memory usage per application with this mobile app. In addition, it also provides relevant information on device storage capabilities and more.

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  1. Super Speed Cleaner – RAM And Virus Cleaner

Super Speed Cleaner – RAM And Virus Cleaner


A professional phone cleaner is hard to find especially through the junk of RAM cleaner apps on the android play store. This app contains awesome functions like a ram memory cleaner, phone booster. It also has the CPU cooler, battery saver and even an anti-virus for your smartphone device. It works with Super speed to increase the general overall performance of smartphone devices.

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  1. RAM Cleanup

RAM Cleanup

Just like its name, this mobile app is an efficient ram cleaner. It was built to effectively clean and completely read your device of unwanted materials that slow down phone functions and performance. With this app, users can completely optimize, their smartphone devices, save and improve battery stability. In addition, special functions like auto closing of unused applications and auto cleaning of mobile devices are also included.

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  1. Clean RAM Memory

Clean RAM Memory

Clean ram memory is a popular mobile app, probably one the oldest ones around, that helps users with the cleaning of their Android mobile device for better performance.  It also enhances phone performance levels. Also, it is quite different from other RAM cleaner apps, as it automatically detects heavy files for extermination before they begin to affect the phone’s storage and performance.

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  1. Max Cleaner – Antivirus, Booster, RAM Cleaner

Max Cleaner – Antivirus, Booster, RAM Cleaner

Max cleaner includes some amazing Functions that would help speed up your phone and rid it of all unwanted junk files. Also, max provides you with the best anti-virus and ram cleaning services you can find on the mobile play store. Similarly, it has a very easy to use interface and regularly cleans your mobile phone, speeding it up and protecting it from malicious software’s and files. It is more than a ram cleaner, it is a max cleaner.

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  1. Super Cleaner – Memory & RAM Cleaner, Optimizer

Super Cleaner – Memory & RAM Cleaner, Optimizer

Super Cleaner like its name is a super mobile software fully designed for mobile cleaning services like getting rid of old cache and junk files. This action will clean your RAM core and free relevant storage space. In addition, With super cleaner, users can also extensively scan their devices for hidden junk files, that might be dangerous to the phone’s software core. Also, this app has a CPU cooler feature and an in-app file manager.

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  1. Auto-RAM Cleaner

Auto-RAM Cleaner

Automatically free up RAM space with Automatic ram Cleaner. This app automatically cleans your device as it recognizes an exceeding threshold of memory usage ratios. It will also regularly cleans your mobile device as you use it for different mobile functions which helps to improve general phone performance. Other features include an automatic RAM free up whenever you turn the screen on or unlock the mobile device.

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  1. Memory Clean – Free Up Memory

Memory Clean – Free Up Memory

This app proves to be one of the best options for Ram cleaning services on the apple store. It is absolutely convenient, effective and very accessible, some users say it is the ultimate app for memory optimization, junk file, and cache removal and general device optimization for iOS devices. As you regularly use this app it will enhance your mobile device speed and free relevant memory.

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  1. AVG RAM Cleaner – Clean RAM & Free Out Storage

AVG RAM Cleaner - Clean RAM & Free Out Storage

AVG cleaner like the AVG series of software is a good RAM cleaner app. If your mobile device has limited memory and regularly fill up with junk and unwanted data files. This great app will clean your RAM from time to time while, protecting and keeping your device in good condition. Major reviews have said that it has indeed proved itself to be among the top RAM cleaner apps across all devices.

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  1. Clean Master – Anti-Virus, Booster & RAM Cleaner

Clean Master - Anti-Virus, Booster & RAM Cleaner

This app is Popular for its affiliation with the CM series of mobile apps. Clean master has at every time proved itself to be the best in the ram cleaning game. Also, it is the most commonly used RAM cleaner app worldwide, with millions of downloads and high ratings to back this claim. More features of clean master include storage cleaning, app managing, and anti-virus protection. In addition to the mentioned features, this app can also cool mobile CPU core, memory boost, improve app performance and many more. It is most proficient in its job as a clean master.

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The best RAM cleaner app across all devices has got all the amazing features mentioned in the above apps. So, instead of scrolling through the junk mass of apps that claim to clean your device, you could just simply choose from our extensive research list here. In addition, I assure you these mobile apps are effective and perform all the functions associated with them. Try them out and see which one suits your device, RAM and memory best.

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