Reaper free download

Reaper Free Download Full Version for Mac, Windows (10, 8 and 7) and Linux 

Reaper is a digital audio software that is used by professionals. It offers lots of functionalities such as MIDI Recording, editing, processing, mixing, multitrack audio, and mastering toolset. Reaper free download lasts for 60 days and is available for professionals and hobbyists.

The software, Reaper stands for Rapid Environment for Audio Production, Engineering, and Recording. It is an audio workstation that was created for use by Cockos. It is available for both Microsoft Windows and macOS users. If installed on your computer, you can edit, mix, arrange, and sample audio projects conveniently. Before you decide to purchase this application, you should get to know the basic things it entails. Read on to get better insights on Reaper.

Reaper free download

Features of Reaper

Some of the features that make Reaper one of the best choices if you are in the market for an audio application are as follows:

  • It is stable to use. (You will never lose your projects)
  • Easily customizable
  • Flexible configuration
  • Availability of MIDI inline editor
  • Import/export configuration
  • Extensions
  • Lots of themes and layouts options
  • Plugin-fx startup inits are easy to change
  • Updates easily
  • Has a built-in file conversion

What are the benefits you enjoy with Reaper free download?

Reaper is one of the favorite software out there for audio engineers. There are lots of benefits you derive when using it. The first and obvious one is the 60 days trial. That is two whole months of usage without paying a dime. You get to become familiar with it before proceeding to purchase it. Another one is the variety of themes, layouts, and templates available for you to choose from.

You can customize your toolbar the way you want. These let every user customize it to their own taste. While using the midi editor, it is possible to open lots of items for editing. Also, when you opt for Reaper free download, there is the presence of a community to help you if you encounter any challenge. You can ask questions and get support from users like yourself.

Another powerful benefit is that you can move the sections that span multiple tracks. Lastly, your projects back up automatically. Reaper does not often crash, however, if this occurs due to a bad plug, you can be well assured your work will be saved.

Hardware/Software Requirements to Download Reaper

Reaper can work with the following operating system: Windows 7 (32 bit), Windows 8, Windows 10, Windows Vista, Windows XP, and macOS X. It is highly compatible with these systems. In addition, it supports instruments like DX, JS, AX, VST, and VST3.

How to get Reaper free Download

Now, to get to the main purpose of how to download Reaper for free, the first thing to do before downloading and installing any software in your system is to visit the official website. Go to and the Reaper Digital Audio Workstation interface will appear on your computer screen. On the left side of your screen, hover your mouse and click on “Download REAPER”.

Download Reaper

The site will load and take you to another interface. Once there, scroll down and choose the type of operating system you are using. The ones present there are Windows (32 / 64 bit) and macOS X (32 bit, 64 bit, and 10.15 Catalina). Click the download button in front of the right one for you. After doing this, you should see your file start downloading at the screen’s left side. Click twice on the exe. file to open and install it. Then click on Run for the installation process to begin. Tick on the agreement clause and choose the download folder you want the Reaper free download to be.

You will have to wait a few minutes for the installation to be completed. After that, it will automatically open. However, if it does not open, navigate to the folder it is saved to open it. Now you get to use it for free for 60 days before your trial period runs out. You can take full advantage of this period.

Pricing & Plans of Reaper

After evaluating Reaper, you can now decide to fully purchase the license to the application on the website ( They offer two purchasing licenses: Discounted and Commercial. The former is $60 while the latter is $225. To qualify for the discount, you must be:

  1. Using Reaper for personal reasons or
  2. You are a person or business using it commercially and your revenue every year is not more than $20,000 or
  3. You are a non-profit or educational organization.

Once you have purchased it successfully, a license key will be sent to your email.


Finally, you have gotten Reaper free download and you can now enjoy it for the next sixty days without paying. Whether you are an amateur or a professional, you can make use of this software and look forward to a wonderful outcome.


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