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How to Receive Money Through Western Union in Nigeria

how to receive money through western union in Nigeria
Written by Abe Cherian

In my previous post; how to send money via Western Union Nigeria, I shared the step by step procedures in sending money to another country from Nigeria through Western Union. Today, I have decided to share the steps on how to receive money through Western Union in Nigeria. If you have doubted the possibility of someone receiving money through Western Union here in Nigeria, then be rest assured that money transfer to Nigeria through western union is very possible. You can use western union to receive money from different part of the world irrespective of the type of currency they are sending. Once you receive your payment, the equivalent will now be given to you in Naira by the WU agents.

western union money transfer in Nigeria

Now, how can someone receive money through Western Union in Nigeria? Of course, yes! Money transferred to Nigeria through WU can be received through the following steps.

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How to Receive Money through Western Union in Nigeria

Before you receive your money, first, find the nearest Western Union Agent office in the city selected by the sender. Ensure your money is ready for pickup by using the provided MTCN number to check the status online here. Follow the steps below in order to receive your money sent through Western Union.

  1. Visit the Nearest WU Agents. You’ll have to use the online agent locator to find the nearest Western Union agents near you. or check the list of their agents in Nigeria and their contacts.
    visit any WU agent
  2. Fill the Western Union form. Filling the “To Receive Money form” is a requirement. Complete the form by providing the sender’s name, the location or country of the sender, the test question and answer and the MTCN number.
    western union form
  3. Present your ID to the Agent. After completing the form, you’ll have to present any government-issued ID card such as your Driver’s License or international passport along with the completed Western Union form.
  4. Receive Your Money. The agent clerk will check your ID, sign the receipt and get your money ready for collection. It is a very simple process and should take less than an hour to receive money through Western Union in Nigeria once you fill the Western Union form. This is the final step for receiving money transfer in Nigeria.
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  • I was told that you had to have a verification number along with your Passport, ID etc along with the WTCN tracking number when receiving money in Nigera I would like to know if this true?

  • I want to know if one can not receive money anywhere in Nigeria?, because i send money through western union from Asia to a sister in Nigeria getting to bank to collect the money with all the information correct they refuse to pay her saying that the payment location in their system is different from where she is as result she need to go to the city or the state to collect the money. I was surprised to hear that, because as far I understand you can collect money send to you through western union anywhere in Nigeria as long as all the information given to you and your valid ID is confirmed and correct, I see no reason why the bank refuse to pay, For example I leave in Lagos and travel to Owerri for work and a friend send me money through western union can I collect the money in Owerri?, must it be Lagos because payment location is Lagos..? Please I want to know this. I think one can collect revive money through western union anywhere in Nigeria. Payment location should not come in . Please I need your explanation on this. Thanks. Remmy.

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