How To Recover Deleted Data From iPhone 7/6/5 & 4

Losing any of your important data on your iPhone can be a big problem, especially when you do not know how to recover it. Some persons even think that the way the iPhone is designed you will be hard to recover deleted data or you cannot even recover it at all. This is no true and we will give you a simple guideline in this article. Furthermore, we wish to restate that you can recover all your data that you deleted from your iPhone without stress.How To Recover Deleted Data From iPhone 7/6/5 & 4

Also, whether you deleted the information by accident or knowingly, you can recover them. In addition, it is also quick and easy to do. Follow this guide and recover that information now.

How To Recover Deleted Data From iPhone 7/6/5 & 4

How can I Recover Deleted Data from iPhone?

You can simply recover deleted data from any of the iPhone types by following these steps below;

  1. Connect to your computer by installing and running the program

When you have connected your iOS you will have to select data recovery mode. Install it to your computer and click ‘start’ from the recover iOS device tab. When you do that, you will see a list of different types of files. Those are the files that the iOS recovery software can recover for you.

In addition, once you make your selection, the iOS recovery tool will give you the go-ahead to connect your iOS device to the computer.

  1. Analysis and scan your iPhone device

To recover your deleted data from your iPhone, you need to scan the iOS device. So, to start the scan, click on ‘scan’. The iOS data recovery tool will scan the type of files in line with your selection. You need to be patient, as the scanning might take some time.

  1. Preview the photos and the app found and recover selectively

recover deleted data-iMyFone D-back

The last thing you need to do is to review the information the recovery tool found and recover it. You can use iMyfone D-back app to find your lost data. Furthermore, it will display them on the interface. You can now click on the items you want to recover. Just click on ‘recover’ and then create one folder on your computer to restore the found data.

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Steps on how to Recover Deleted Data from iPhone via iCloud Backup

On your iPhone you have iCloud, iCloud is enabled in default on most of the iPhones. This means that some of your data will be back up without giving you notice. In addition, you can equally recover deleted data from iPhone through iCloud by following these steps.

  1. Sign in iCloud

For you to sign into iCloud you need to launch iPhone Data recovery. Download and install the program on your device, open it after installation, from the left sidebar select ‘Recovery from iCloud Backup file’. After you have done all that, the next thing is for you to input your Apple ID and password.

  1. Select a Backup to Download file

This will take you to the lists of all your backup files in iCloud after you login in. So, your next step is to select the file you want and save it on your device.

  1. Preview and Recover Data from iCloud

This program will scan and equally, analyze downloaded iCloud files. Choose the files you want by simply previewing each of the items. Furthermore, the final step is for you to click ‘recover’. By doing it, the app will restore your deleted data.

Steps on How to Recover Deleted Data from iPhone via iTunes Backup

We will not give you an explanation on each of the steps simply because they have the same processes as the iCloud backup. However, you can just follow these steps.

  1. Select ‘recover from iTunes Backup file’
  2. Start scanning
  3. And finally, recover deleted files on iPhone by previewing it.


You can see from the steps in this tutorial that it is easy and fast to recover deleted data from your iPhone with just three steps. The three steps are; connect to your computer by installing and running the program, analyze and scan your iPhone device and preview the found photos or document and recover selectively. Similarly, you can now see that you can recover permanently deleted data from iPhone without even backing up your phone.

We hope that this article is useful to you, kindly send us feedbacks.

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