4 Easiest Ways on How To Recover Deleted Internet History

In case you mistakenly delete your internet history either on your iPhone or computer, we will show you the various ways on how to recover deleted internet history. But before we delve in, let get something clear to you.

Do you ever wonder why computer fraudsters usually burn their computers or throw their computers in the river whenever they are aware that the law enforcement agents are trailing them?

This is because they want to discard the data. But in reality, system memory cannot be erased by either fire or water.

It is quite true that all internet history can be recovered from a computer. This is because even after deleting, the information is still available somewhere on the computer. The trashed data can either be saved in the hard drive or in trashed files in obscure areas of the operating system.

There is always a record of all the deleted files. This includes the deleted internet history which is stored in the windows registry and also in the cookies.

Do you desire to recover your deleted internet history? There are so many reasons why you wish to recover your system’s browsing history.  This can be very important especially if you deleted your browsing history by mistake.  Most times,  some parents may wish to know what their kids are doing online. Also, there might be some important websites which you forgot and wish to recover.

The recovery process is quite simple and it’s Pertinent for all computer users to know about it.  The Windows registry and internet cookies are two of the target points when recovering the system’s browsing history.

how to recover deleted internet history

Recovering deleted internet history.

Without much ado, we shall start listing the several steps of retrieving deleted internet history without stress.

  1. By using the “System restore” Mode

This method is very effective especially if the system browsing history has just been erased recently. Simply locate your computer’s system restore file and holla!  Your old internet history will be up and running.

You can easily navigate to the system restore mode by going through the following steps.

  • Click on the “Start/Windows” button on the taskbar.
  • Locate “All Programs” (For Windows 7). Navigate to  “accessories” under the program menu.
  • Locate “system tools“. Under the system tools,  you will find many options.
  • Locate “System Restore“. Click on it and select a penultimate date of the date you deleted the internet history.
  • After this,  the recovery will take a few seconds. Simply wait until it’s complete.
  • After completion, the computer will reboot automatically.

Simply open your browser and you will notice that you have recovered your deleted internet history. This method is quite simple and straightforward. Even a novice can do it with a minimal fuss.

  1. Use Google History

This method can only be effective if the user has a Google account and was logged in when the system’s browsing history was deleted. Google preserves the internet browsing of all her users and it is not deleted alongside the browsing history. The Google history records and stores all the website pages visited, the date and to devices that are connected to the Google account.

This method is very simple as long as you have an account with Google. It works on both desktop and laptop computers. It also works for mobile phones.

Are you still regretting that you mistakenly delete your internet browsing history? Did you lose important bookmarks and websites? Worry no more as I am going to show you how to recover deleted internet history from your Google account.

  • Simply use this to access your Google account activities (https://myactivity.google.com/myactivity).
  • Go ahead and sign in to your Google account.
  • All your browser history together with the date and time will show up immediately the sign in process is completed.
  • A calendar will be displayed for you to select the date in which you wish to dig out the internet history.

This method is very flexible.  You can decide to delete each of the histories by selecting “remove items” as well as the period of time when you wish to delete the data.

Future internet browsing sessions can be blocked from being recorded. This is done by selecting the “pause” option.

  1. Use of the cookies

The cookies provide another easy way to recover deleted internet history of your browser. Internet browsers such as Opera,  Firefox,  Microsoft edge,  safari,  internet connection explorer and Google Chrome all have cookies which are arrays of text files. Cookies are simply used to track, record and save the information of the user as well as the visited websites.  The user IP,  the period of browsing and all the clicked links are tracked and recorded by the cookies.

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The cookie can easily be found under the settings option of the browser page.

So many computer internet users are usually scared of cookies. They have the notion that cookies are employed as spy tools to track their online activities. Hence, some computer users deactivate cookies. Meanwhile, internet history is stored in cookies. They allow users to recover their deleted internet history with minimal stress.

Different browsers have different navigation steps to cookies activation. Generally,  the cookies are sited under the settings options of the browser.  When opened, all the visited sites and other histories can be reviewed.

  1. Carry out a desktop search using programmes.

The desktop programmes are very useful if you wish to easily recover deleted internet history and files in an old computer that was used in a corporate environment. It can be used as the last resort if the System Restore option is disabled. It does not have a wide usage but it is very functional. There are many types of programmes for recovering system files.  It works on Microsoft Windows and on Mac.

The procedure is simple. All you need is to know the keyword of the internet history that you wish to search for.  Go ahead and type it the box set aside for searching and the history will be recovered.

Wrapping up:

The aforementioned ways are very effective when you want to recover deleted internet history. With these methods, you can easily track and trace the motion and direction of your kids on the internet. They are capable enough to dig out the previously visited websites.

Meanwhile,  there are other methods you can use should in-case none of the aforementioned methods is effective in your computer.

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