Top 10 Best Recycle Bin Apps for Android

Do you use a smart device a lot and mistakenly wiped something and wish that you could recover it? Your wish is hereby granted because there are apps that can help you to recover those things you lost very easily. You may not believe this but there are apps that can help you to recover things that you mistakenly deleted. They are called the recycle bin apps. In this post, I will list 10 of the best of these apps that you can download only for your Android device.

Recycle Bin Apps

10 Best Recycle Bin Apps for Android

  1. Data Recovery

Recycle Bin Apps-Data RecoveryThis app is very good to use and download on your Android devices as it is the first app in this article. The app allows you to recover the data and files you wrongly deleted and want back easily. It also gives you one feature to let you upload the files you recovered directly to your GoogleDrive or Dropbox.

  1. Photo Recycle Bin

Recycle Bin Apps-Photo Recycle BinPhoto Recycle Bin is another app that is part of the recycle bin apps. This app like the name implies allows you to recover deleted files from your device. The app is available for Android users and it lets you recover files from the apps recycle bin which works like your computers recycle bin.

  1. Recycle Bin

Recycle Bin Apps-Recycle BinThis is one of the powerful apps that you can download on your Android devices. As it recovers your deleted videos and pictures using a low storage option. The app also allows you to activate and deactivate it using a play button. Furthermore, to do so all you have to do is press the button to activate it.

  1. The Recovery App

Recycle Bin Apps-The Recovery AppThis is another app that you can use sufficiently to your taste. The app allows you to do a lot like most of the other apps in this article. For instance, it enables you to recover any media you lost to other things. In addition, it lets you view and transfers them to your computer. It is easy for you to get on your Android devices if you have one.

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  1. GT Trash

GT TrashGT Trash is one of the other popular apps you can download that is part of the best recycle bin apps. You do not even have to back up your data yet, the app still enables you to quickly recover your deleted files. One fantastic feature it provides you with is to allow you to search and look for the deleted files that you want. Also, you can easily get it on your Android devices.

  1. Dumpster

DumpsterThis is another favourable app that you can use on your Android devices. The app is very efficient to use as it provides you with one basic feature more than the other apps on this list. The feature we are talking about is that it supports more than ten different languages. So, you can select any language you want easily. It is also one of those apps that do not require the use of internet connection for recovery of the lost files. Now, you can see the reasons why this app deserves to be part of the best recycle bin apps.

  1. DiskDigger

DiskDiggerDiskDigger is one fantastic app that you can also use on your Smartphone. The app is very favourable for you to use as it provides you with features for you to upload the files you recovered directly to Dropbox or your Google mail. It is also a powerful data recovery app that you can use easily on your Android.

  1. Deleted Data Recovery

Deleted Data RecoveryDeleted Data Recovery is one of the other apps that will enable you to do a lot of things. The app is quite powerful to use as it lets you search for the files that have deleted on both your internal and external storage. You would love to use this app once you download it on any of your Android devices.

  1. Phone Recovery

Phone RecoveryThis app allows you to do a lot on your devices. Also, helping you recover your deleted files is one of those things. Furthermore, it does this by giving you numerous features to use and, recovers your media like videos and images with complete ease. Also, it is easy to get on your Android devices.

  1. Chat Bin

Chat BinThis is another app and part of the best recycle bin apps that you can download on your Android devices. It has a feature on it that allows you to recover files and messages too. However, if you want to delete messages that you do not want others to see, this app will delete it for you.


In conclusion, we are sure that you are delighted that there are apps that you can use to recover files that you deleted mistakenly, lost or deleted files on your Android devices. Also, those tools are the best recycle bin apps that you can use at your convenience. Get one now and share your experiences here.

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