registry cleaner windows 10

10 Best Registry Cleaners Windows 10

In this post, we will explore registry cleaner windows 10. Windows operating system stores its settings in its registry. We all know that the software is a pacesetter. But when you use your computer over a long period, the Windows registry will become tangled and you will need to repair it. Also, because you can modify many things in the windows operating system, it is constantly under attack and this slows the computer speed down.

registry cleaner windows 10

And that is why you will need third party software dedicated solely for registry scanning, cleaning, and repair to keep it fast. To advance further in this article, let us analyze 10 of the best registry cleaner windows 10 available that you can use.

10 Best registry cleaner free download for windows 10

List of registry cleaner

List of registry cleaner for windows 10

Below is a list of 10 of the best registry cleaner free download for windows 10. Make your choice and test any on your computer.

1. CCleaner

Registry cleaner windows 10CCleaner is one of the most popular tools for cleaning your registry and that is why it appears as number one in the list of registry cleaner windows 10. Also, it’s premium version monitors your PC for changes in real-time.

The software does not only clean your registry but it also has the best tools for doing the work. Some of its features include automatic backup of your registry before cleaning it so that you can restore it if you need to. Also, it checks registry changes in Windows. Finally, the CCleaner software has a portable version, therefore, you don’t even need to install it.

2. Auslogics Registry Cleaner

auslogicsAuslogics Registry Cleaner is on this list of registry cleaner windows 10 because it is the easiest to use in spite of not having a beautiful user interface or a wizard to walk you through how to use it. It scans your computer quickly and has an error severity rating. This rating allows you to know which error affects your PC’s performance more. This app may discover other problems that other registry cleaners did not pick up on your pc as it does the normal registry search.

3. Wise Registry Cleaner

Wise Registry Cleanerregistry cleaner windows 10-wise-wise registry cleaner is new and has a simple but beautiful user interface. This registry cleaner works fast and reads your registry faster than most of the other tools. Its feature includes being able to schedule registry scans. It intelligently scans your registry to find out if you need to clean it. Like CCleaner, it backs up your registry automatically before cleaning.

4. Registry Repair

repair registryRegistry Repair is a tool like others on the list of registry cleaner windows 10. The app scans your registry and reports whether there are errors, and tries to repair them. Its scanning speed is moderate but it delivers thorough results.

Furthermore, what differentiates this tool from others is the number of details it displays about the errors. Also, it can diagnose what is wrong so that you make up your mind what to do about the discovery.

List of registry cleaner for windows 10

5. Advanced SystemCare pro interface

advanced system care proAdvanced SystemCare has the best-looking interface design in this list of registry cleaner windows 10. The software has a lot of features but what we will focus on is the “Registry Cleaning” tool. Also, if you are a beginner in the use of a computer, this tool’s user interface is simple to understand.

Besides, no matter how many errors your registry has, it is quick to detect it and reliable. You can also use the tool to shut down or restart your PC automatically when you finish cleaning the registry and do automatic backups.

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6. JetClean

jet cleanJetClean is an ultra-fast registry cleaner and has the capacity to scan your registry in seconds to check if there are any errors. Furthermore, JetClean has an interface that is simple to behold and easy to use. This software also has a premium version with additional features you can use to clean your registry.

7. EasyCleaner

registry cleaner windows 10-easycleanerEasyCleaner is among the oldest registry cleaners in this list of registry cleaner windows 10. It is even older than CCleaner and equally popular. However, its user interface is not attractive and looks ordinary but it is efficient.

In addition, the EasyCleaner is thorough and slow as it scans your registry unlike some of the new registry cleaners that are quite fast. Like CCleaner, it is also available as a portable tool, so you if choose, you do not need to install it.

8. Argente Registry Cleaner

argenteArgente Registry Cleaner comes with a wizard-interface, a manual and automatic mode. It thoroughly scans your registry. It has an automatic maintenance mode that runs when you start your PC and also informs you if you need to repair your registry. Besides, it backups of the registry automatically before cleaning it and allows you to backup the registry yourself if you want.

List of registry cleaner for windows 10

9. Registry Life

registry lifeRegistry Life is one of the easiest tools among the list of registry cleaner windows 10. It has a walk through Wizard that helps you to know which options you need to use to clean your computer registry.

In addition to cleaning up the errors it finds in your Windows registry, you can also use Registry Life to defragment your registry to make your computer faster.

10. SlimCleaner Free

10 best free registry cleaner windows 10-slimcleanerThe SlimCleaner registry cleaner tool provides impressive functionality. It is a complete solution for all sorts of cleaning procedures for your computer. That is why it is in the list of Registry cleaner windows 10.

Moreover, you may face a small task the first time you use the tool. For instance, assuming you want to clean only the registry, you need to uncheck all checkboxes present in all other tabs. After you do it once, the software will remember the settings.

Registry cleaner windows 10: Conclusion

In this post, we have brought you 10 best free registry cleaner windows 10 that you can download. You should note that your PC will have Windows Registry that will need repairs as time goes on. Therefore, you must clean the registry especially as your computer will become slow if you fail to repair it. The software we have on this list will help to make your computer fast. Try any of them today.


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