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Sage 50 free trial download version enables you to try out the product before buying. Does the Free trial version of Sage 50 have all the full features? Let’s us find. sage 50 free trial

Sage 50 is an accounting software made by Sage group. It is specifically made for business management purposes. It was initially known as Peachtree Accounting.

There are many versions of the Sage software most of which are made for a given country or region. The functionalities are tailored towards meeting the needs of businesses in these regions. As we know, business legislation and taxation varies from place to place so is the packaging of the Sage software.

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Things you should know about Sage 50

Sage 50 is a very popular software for data entry and management. It fits into many types of businesses. Are you running a small-scale business? Medium-scale business? Or a large enterprise? Then Sage 50 is your ideal software. If you have loads of customers to deal with, you have several data to enter or you have much staff, then Sage 50 is for you. You can even evaluate the Sage 50 free trial version for sometimes. Not only will it help you in the day to day running and management of your firm, Sage 50 will help you in decision making and this will in turn add values to your business.

sage 50 free trial download

It provides the platform for easy information access. This has a long-term impact on the overall running of your business and it will help you to achieve the long-term goals of your business. It will always give you the foresight about the near future.

Sage 50 makes it possible for the management of informative centres to be customized with respect to the business metrics. It completely eliminates the need for big exercise books.

Sage manages business inventories and handles financial management practices inconsonant with the standard governmental financial practice requirements.

The efficiency with which this software handles data entry is awesome. It plays a great role in customer relationship management.



The most spectacular feature of both Sage 50 free trial and the premium version is the cloud integration. It simplifies and automates the whole procedures involved in financial management and budgeting.

On the whole, Sage 50’s functionalities can be groups into three areas which are interwoven to give an end-result that adds value to the overall running of your business.

1. Accounting

The Accounting functionality of Sage 50 is helpful for all financial management purposes. It aids in easy financial data gathering and assessment. It gives a clear overview of the cash flow in the enterprise. All short term and long term income and expenses are tracked and saved easily.

2. Payroll

The payroll functionality is super helpful in managing staff data, working hours, advice on improvement and payment schedule. It coordinates other human resources information, evaluates them and outputs the assessments. It tracks data about major customers, their frequency of purchase and the mix.

3. Payment

The next functionality focuses on payments. All inwards and outgoing payments and invoice are tracked and saved. You can easily retrieve information about credits and upcoming payments and expenses. It handles staff data as regards to all forms of payment. On the whole, the key functionalities are interwoven and channelled towards the smooth management of the enterprise.

Sage 50 free trial version Download

The software works perfectly on Windows and Mac. It is available online for purchase. For interested buyers, the company offers free demos for testing though, the demo has limited functionalities. You can download Sage 50 free trial version from their website here.

sage 50 free trial download

The Sage 50 full version is available on three categories based on the number of users. The pro version has is designed to cater for only one user and the monthly parent and subscription is 5/month which is paid annually. The premium version has 2 users. The subscription is $88/month while the premium version with 4 users is $143/month. Only annual payment is accepted for all packages. You can check this post for Sage 50 Price, Features And Updates.

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