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Sage 50 Serial Number And Activation Key – How to get it

Sage 50 Serial Number
Written by Abe Cherian

Are you looking for ways to get your Sage 50 serial number and activation key? In this post, we are going to cover the various ways on how to activate Sage 50 before you start using it. Sage 50 Serial Number

First, do you already have a copy of this software? If no, you can always try the Sage 50 free trial version anytime until you are ready for an upgrade.

A person from a non-accounting background can use the Sage 50 software perhaps due to the friendly interface.

Sage 50 Serial Number – How to find it.

If you have recently purchased a copy of Sage 50 software, you must activate it before you use. If you are a new user who just purchased the software from a retail store, activation can be done online at the customer portal. Meanwhile, you can also find your Sage 50 activation key on the CD case.

Those are actually the two ways to get the product activation keys of Sage 50.

When Upgrading.

If you are upgrading your product to the latest version, there won’t be any need to activate the new updated version afresh. The update will be done in the background and may not require further activation.

If you wish to find out what version of Sage you have on your computer and the next version that will be suitable for you, you can easily do that through the in Related resources on this page. Since Sage 50 serial numbers are different for each version year, you can contact the customer service for the serial number of the specific year version of your product. Their customer service number is 1-888-222-8985.

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