Samsung health app review

Samsung Health App Review

We all know that health is wealth and you would do anything to stay healthy. That is why in the health field there are researches to get the best way of staying healthy and remaining in good health. Also, presently, due to great technological advancement, software developers are making apps to tackle all aspects of health. Furthermore, their main goal is to solve simple health problems. In this quest for better health for people all over the world, Samsung corporation is not left out as they have developed a health app.

Samsung health app review


So, in this post, we shall give you the Samsung health app review to show you how it works, how to use it properly, its features and flaws. Our hope is to give you simple facts to enable you to reach your own judgments about the app.

Samsung Health App Review

In this post:

  • What does Samsung health app do for you?
  • Samsung health app review
  • What do the features have to offer users?
  • Problems found while using the application
  • Analyses of the Content of the Menu
  • More Features Inside its Menu

What does Samsung health do for you?

According to Wikipedia Samsung Health (originally S Health), is free software that Samsung developed that tracks various aspects of daily life contributing to your wellbeing. It covers areas such as physical activity, diet, and sleep, and more. Also, you can download it from the Samsung Galaxy Apps store.

Samsung Health App Review

The company made the app for Samsung phones to track your fitness. So, you can download it from Samsung Galaxy ap store and Google play store for Android. Similarly, although the app is useful to most people however, only those that put in the effort can use some of its functions to improve their lives.

What Do the Features Have to Offer Users?

The Samsung health app review shows, that you can use the app in the following areas: to monitor your calorie levels, blood pressure, your heart rate, stress levels, blood glucose, bike riding and caffeine level in your system. This is not all the app can do for you. Furthermore, you also use it to do a lot more if you are able to discover more functions.

The problem (s) found while using the application

We have discovered a problem with the app. For example, a function like the hearing rate monitor, function only in phones that are on the Samsung Galaxy range. This is a disadvantage to some users of the old range of Samsung phones

Analyses of The Content of The Menu

Let us see what the application has in stock for you, as you learn how to use the Samsung health app.

We begin with the …

Samsung Health Main Page “Me”

During the Samsung health app review, we found that you can modify the following to your taste and for your ease. For instance, you have weight management facilities like inbuilt step counter in the front and center of the user interface. You can also use this feature to manage their weight.

Similarly, on the interface, when you look below, you will see features that will help you to arrange the layout and the things you can track. For example, at the bottom of the screen when you tap “Manage Items” it will show you many pieces of information. So, select what you want and all the things you chose will display on the main screen.

How Some Features Work

We also found out how some of the features work.  For example, we found some provisions of the phone that use third-party applications to produce information for you.

The makers assume you have another application to monitor specific data such as blood pressure,  glucose level, which you can then add to your Samsung health monitor by hand. Our suggestion is that you can use other apps with Samsung health app to track those areas where Samsung health apps fall short to make their monitoring automatic.

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The Other Pages and what they offer you

In addition, don’t concentrate on the “Me” page. Be adventurous. Explore other pages to learn more and take advantage of them too. Let’s analyze those pages below.

Samsung health app review

The Together Page

This page is there to motivate you to pursue your goals more. It will enable you to compare your progress to that of others all over the world. Also, Samsung health app review shows that you can use it to monitor your daily progress in your quest for optimal health and wellness in a fun way. Similarly, it inspires you with tough challenges to help you conquer difficulties easily.


Samsung health app review

The Experts Page

This page has good features that you can use to get quality health care but restricts offering to those that own Note 8 and Galaxy S9.

From this page, you may sign up to use these features. But you have to give your details such as office, name, phone number, health insurance information, pharmacy, medical history, current medications, and other vital personal data like you do in a real hospital.

From this app, you can also get access to emergency, psychiatric help, and visits from specialist doctors. In our review of the Samsung health app, we found that it will cost you $59 to visit a doctor using the application. It is simple to use and works effectively.

The only thing missing from the careful documentation they get from you is Insurance. This could be an error which they should correct in new versions or app upgrade in the future. It may also mean that they want you to get it as a third-party application.

The Discover Page

In this page, you have many articles about health. So go on read the assorted articles to educate yourself about general and particular health matters.

More Features Inside its Menu

Samsung health apps have a lot to offer, when you consider initial features, we have covered earlier but, it has much more for you. It has promotions, fitness programs, compatible access, and partner apps all inside its Menu. Let us expand these subjects now.


In this page, they share other applications which work well with Samsung health app. Furthermore, they also share the deals you can get from these services. You can explore them to see whether you can use any additional health services.

Fitness Programs

They should have put these programs in the top or center of the interface and not hide it deep inside another button inside the Menu.

These are awesome programs that will help you reach your fitness goals. The programs include workout procedures, keep fit exercises, advice about weight loss and additional materials you can use. For example, if you set what your fitness goals are, the app will collect fitness programs that you like in one place to match your goals.

Try it now.

Partner Apps

For those of you that are already working out, you have applications that you use for your training exercises. The fact is that most of those applications work well with Samsung health. You can also link to these applications and import workout procedures, calorie information and the routines you follow.

You can try the work out procedures out with Samsung health and sync these Programs like Google Fit, Misfit, Fitbit, Jawbone Garmin, and Strava. For example, Strava the application designed by athletes for runners and cyclists synchronizes well with Samsung health.


In this page, you will find all types of things like blood pressure monitor, heart rate monitor, or sensors that match up with Samsung Health devices. This helps you to select the exact apps that are fit for your Samsung health app in case you need them later.


Samsung’s Health app is loaded with tools that will give you total wellness capability. In addition, Samsung health app review shows that you can measure how fit you are, check many health issues with it, get direct access to specialist help and, emergency attention from the app at an affordable rate. Furthermore, you can motivate yourself using its ” together page” to stay on target and even learn a lot about health matters from its “discovery page”. This is one app you must have even if you don’t have a Samsung phone. Go for it because it is worth the effort.

Please share your user experience and send your own Samsung health app review to us.


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