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10 Best Scientific Calculator App – Download for Android/iOS

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Have you ever asked what the best scientific calculator app is? In this post, we have a list of scientific calculator tools for Android and iPhone.

Most people need a calculator for various things, either scientific reasons or more. Other than the basic ones they have on their phones they do not know other ways to get it on their device. There are a lot of popular scientific calculator apps that you can use for a vast amount of things an individual would like to use them for.

popular calculator apps

Because of this, there have been a number of calculators throughout the years and they are very easy to use. Most people do not even look further than the basic calculators they have on their devices. But, we will focus more on the calculators you can get on either your Android or your iOS.

  1. Desmos Scientific calculator

desmos scientific calculatorApart from this calculator being able to do basic things like most normal calculators, there are varieties of features this app has that is quite different from others. This app gives you the advantage by letting you create your own calculator history. You can also do graphs, tables and stats. This app is also available on Android and iOS.

  1. Calcu

calcuCalcu is one of the most popular calculator apps that come with amazing features, unlike other calculator apps. It not only lets you do basic things and creating your own calculator history but also includes themes, memory keys, gesture controls and more. It comes in both ways free and purchasable, easy to get on Android. There is not much of a difference between the two other than ads removal.

  1. Calcbot

calcbotThis app allows you to do a lot of things with its features also. Apart from the basic addition, subtraction, division and multiplication. It also gives history creation and base conversions and more. Using it for scientific calculations is where the app functions come alive the most. It is indeed a very amazing and intelligent app that enables you to do a lot. Calcbot is available on iOS Store.

  1. The calculator

the calculatorApart from this app being available on Android and iOS, it has a lot of capabilities like themes that come in almost 50 beautiful categories. This app lets you save your history on cloud storage permitting you to have everything you worked on, for re-use.

  1. Real Citizen Calculator

real citizen calculatorReal citizen app is another amazing scientific calculator app for Android and iPhone. This app allows you to calculate with ease as you use the features that come with it. It lets you keep and save temporarily using key buttons on the platform. This calculator is very efficient and intelligent as it is available on Android and iOS.

  1. Math 42

math42This app is among the most popular apps for doing calculations. It is easy to get on either Android or iOS. This calculator also does a lot of basic things like the other listed calculators. This one also has assortments of features from calculator history all the way down to the curated assessments that allow you to facilitate the fast progress of your work.

  1. Pretty Calculator

pretty calculatorFrom the name, you would be able to tell that this calculator has a variety of inside themes that are unlike the rest of the calculators listed. This calculator is filled with colourful themes you could think of. On the app, you are free to make your choice among any of the theme. You can use this calculator app on any of your devices like Android or iOS.

  1. Panecal Scientific Calculator app

panecal scientific calculatorPanecal Scientific calculator is meant for a lot of things mostly educational purposes that is why it is embedded with a lot of features. It allows you to measure things and construct them and a number of other features. This app allows you not to only calculate but to also view formulas that are functioned in its memory. Be it logarithms, arithmetic and more. You can get it on Android and iOS.

  1. MyScript Calculator

myscript calculatorMyScript Calculator performs on a very alternate level. Where other calculators are allowing you to try out new features, this app has features of its own too. It allows you to create and draw your works on the device you wish to use it on, either Android or iOS. This app also comes with another feature that allows you to select the kind of font style you want.

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  1. EZ Financial calculator

ez financial calculatorFrom the name of this app, you would know it is essentially for currencies and its features come in that method. You can get this calculator on Android and iOS. This app has various features like MIRR calculator, investment calculator, currency converter and more.


These apps listed above have reasons why they are the top scientific calculator apps. It is not because of their name but amazing features they look to put into it. If they were not, they would have been other apps on this list because there is a vast amount of calculators created.

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