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10 Popular Screen Mirroring Apps – Android & iPhone 2019

Today, we are listing the 10 best screen mirroring apps for Android and iPhone. These are apps that allow you to easily project your Smartphone Screen on to a TV. Here are the Top 10 Best Screen Mirroring Apps available for download.

best screen mirrroring apps

Screen Mirroring Apps for Android And iPhone.

  1. Screen Mirror for Chromecast (iPhone)

Screen Mirror for chromecast

This Screen Mirror app is considered one of the best screen mirroring app for iPhone. Apart from its great screen mirroring features, this app also assists you to make powerful presentations for work, education and games.

It also enables you to live broadcast to social media platforms like YouTube, Facebook, Twitch and Upstream. This app can also mirror your iPhone screen on a Chromecast TV.

  1. Mirroring Assist(iPhone)

 Mirroring Assist This screen mirroring app helps you scan and mirror your phone or tablet screen on your TV. It also features a screen mirroring virtual assistant. You can also play videos, listen to music and view pictures in your smartphone with this app.

  1. Screen Mirroring – Mirror Phone to TV (Android)

Screen Mirroring

This mirror app works well when your TV supports a wireless display and WIFI connection. During connection, this wireless screen mirroring mobile app opens a new window on your Smart TV; from which your phone connects and shares a second screen.

It is very easy to use, especially when you’re trying to connect without an HDMI, this is the best-recommended mirror cast app.

  1. Display Phone screen on TV (Android)

Display Phone Screen On TV

This screen mirroring app enables you to scan and mirror your Android phone or tablet screen to your smart TV. The app is developed by Imsa tools with a screen mirroring assistant to assist you through the connection processes.

When mirroring the screen to your tv, it doesn’t require any cable to secure a steady and clear connection. Awesome right?

  1. Miracast Screen Sharing App (Android)

Miracast Screen Sharing App

The Miracast app allows you to share the screen from an Android device to smart TV with a single click. It also allows you to share your screen live with any device or PC on the same network. You can do this with the help of a media player, web browser and UPnP/DLNA Chromecast.

  1. Screen Mirror – Screen Sharing (Android)

Screen Mirror

With this screen mirroring app, you can mirror your screen to your TV or any other compatible device. This app also helps in making presentations for work, with additional features for live broadcast on social networking sites.

  1. Screen Mirroring with TV(Android)

Screen Mirroring with TV

This particular mirroring app functions best when your TV supports the wireless display and you connect your TV to a wireless network. With the help of this app, you can easily share your phone screen LIVE to any device or PC on your local network.

You can also change resolution and density with this screen mirroring app easily. Additional features include a simple profile based interface, automatic Bluetooth and WIFI options.

  1. Screen Mirroring (Android)

Screen Mirroring

This app called screen mirroring can help you scan and mirror your phone or tablet’s screen on a smart TV or any other display, with wireless dongles and adapters. The app also makes it possible to play videos, listen to music or view photos in any Smartphone, with any device and anywhere. This is another best screen mirroring app developed by Imsa tools.

  1. Screen Stream Mirroring Free (Android)

Screen Stream Mirroring Free

Screen Stream is also one of the mirroring apps that allows you to mirror screen or share screen with media players and tools like VLC, OBS, XBMC/KODI and many more. This Screen Mirror app is also compatible with network tethering and has many settings to optimize performance.

Screen Stream app is considered as the most powerful app for mirroring and broadcasting your Android screen and sound in real-time. With its help, you can screen mirror your Android phone to devices like PC, UPnP DLNA and Chromecast. This app can also enable you to record and broadcast easily with a click.

  1. Screen Mirroring Assistant (Android)

Screen Mirroring Assistant

This screen mirroring app enables you to scan and mirror your phone or tablet’s screen on a TV or any other display. It also has features of screen mirroring, screen mirroring on Samsung TV, mirror cast, cast android screen, mirroring to TV, screen mirroring laptops and many more.

All you need to do to use this awesome app is to just open the app and click start. Once you do that, it will automatically turn your hotspot on. After the hotspot has been turned on, just connect to the app from the other devices and screen mirror instantly!.

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So, that is your list of the Top 10 best screen mirroring apps for Android and iPhone. With these awesome apps, you can screen mirror your phone to a smart TV or any other display device on the go. Make sure to use and try them out to see which one fits your taste the most.

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