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10 Best Screenshot Apps (Android/iPhone) 2019

If you are reading this article, I am sure you are familiar with the way to take screenshots normally on your Android or iOS device. Now, the question is how do I capture a web page or chat conversation without having to press two buttons at the same time? Especially for big phones like iPad, or tablets, it seems like a tiring thing to do. You can use screenshot apps to solve problems like these.

screenshot apps

With screenshots apps, you can easily capture your screen for your status bar or just shake your mobile device, Easy Right!.

In today’s topic, we will be discussing various screenshot apps for Android and iPhone users and How to use them. This article is will help users choose the screenshot app that suits their personal and business needs, to help them work and play effectively.

10 Best Screenshot Apps For Android And iPhone

  • Lightshot Screenshot


Lightshot, as the name connotes, is a screenshot app for iPhone that lets you capture any part of your device screen

How to Use: After taking a picture, you upload that photo to and get a short link to store the photo on your device.

Additional options to share your screenshots, on your favorite social networks with your family and friends, are also enabled. Lightshot is a good screenshot app for iOS devices. you can download it Here

  • Awesome Screenshot for Safari

Awesome Screenshot for Safari

Awesome screenshot apps provide users with a screenshot extension while they engage in different activities using the Safari web browser. With this free, you can take full page screenshots, annotate screenshots with lines, circles and other annotation functions.

How to Use; It is like a screenshot icon that appears at the Top-left side of your browser. After installing the app, Click on the screenshot icon on your safari browser, prior to its installation this icon might have not been there. So, be careful to note the small screenshot icon at the top of your browser. Click on this icon to access it’s full screenshot functions, annotation tools and many more.

Note; You can also save and share screenshots to anywhere you want. External links to social media networks are also available. Get This app for iPhone Here

  • Screenshot Capture Recorder

Screenshot Capture Recorder

These screenshot apps are available to Android users exclusively, Screenshot capture is a good and very easy way to record and capture your device screen, Facebook profile or Twitter timeline.

How to Use; Full screenshots can be taken by just shaking your mobile phone, once you have installed this app. You can also take screenshots by clicking on the notification.

This app captures full webpages, and features like editing and sharing screenshots, drawing on captured images and a mobile photo viewer are included. To Get this awesome app Now. Click Download.

  • Screenshot – Screen Grabber

Screen Grabber

Screen Grabber screenshot apps for Android is an instant mobile screens capture, that can take snapshots of your device screen, Email, Facebook account, photo editing app and many more.

How to Use; Install the app from the play store. If you haven’t you can do that now. Click here to Install. After installation, Open the app, an icon will appear on your phone’s screen. Tap on this icon anytime you want to grab a screenshot.

You can also immediately save and share screenshots through other apps, whether they are messaging, email or photo editing apps. Get screen grabber for Free at the iOS app store.

  • Screenshot Touch

screenshot touch

If you like to create content videos, you can do that with screenshot app easily using Screenshot Touch to record your mobile device screen, as you view different multimedia contents online. With screenshot touch, you can capture full webpages, access with its in-built mobile photo viewer and image cropper.

You can draw on captured screenshot images and share them right away. It supports Android versions above lollipop 5.0.

How to Use; There are two ways to use this app:

The first is to share the URL in a web browser and select the screenshot touch. The second method is to call the in-app browser directly by pressing the globe icon on the settings page. Download Screenshot apps For Android Here

  • Screenshot free

Screenshot Free

Another easy method of taking a screenshot on your Android mobile device is by using screenshot free app. This screenshot app makes it easy and very convenient to take full page screenshots with your mobile device, it captures almost everywhere on your device screen.

How to use; With this screenshot free app, you can take screenshots with it by just shaking your mobile device.  You have additional options to crop and edit captured images, and also share them in the app. Download the app free Here

  • Screenshot by Mobileidea studio

Screenshot by mobile idea

Screenshot by Mobileidea, is another recommended screenshot app that can screen capture in a single tap, with additional options to edit and share those captured images with friends and relatives.

How to Use; Take consecutive screenshots by just shaking your phone, You can also click on the notification toolbar to take screenshots.

Additional options like editing and cropping of captured images are also available. Download this Mobile screenshot apps for free Here

  • Easy Screenshot

Easy screenshot

Easy Screenshot has a very simple interface and is very easy to use. This free screenshot app provides an easy way to take screenshots.

How to Use;  You take screenshots by pressing the shot icon button, or by pressing the power and home button at the same time.

Additional options editing and cropping of captured images, drawing and inputting custom text on screenshots are available. Note; this app is exclusive to Android users only. Get this screenshot apps for your android device Here

  • Screenshot by Splend apps

This app is notably the best apps available for mobile devices, as it lets you take screenshots with a single tap, you can also see and manage screenshots in your gallery.

How to Use; On-screen shutter button (overlay icon) which is visible at the top of all screens, allows for easy and effective screen capture when pressed.

This app also offers you cool features like setting delay time in seconds before taking screenshots, editing and cropping of captured images, direct save slot and options to share screenshot images by email and popular social media networks. Download Screenshot apps by Splend Here

  • Screen Capture Plus

Screen capture Plus

This great screenshot app can offer the best possible quality for captured screenshot images. Full-screen shots of the device screen, video games, apps, and photos can be captured by this app.

How to Use; Install the app, access the screenshot icon via the notification toolbar and capture viable supported screen contents.  Download This mobile screenshot app Here


You can save important information, like mobile web pages, chat conversations, text messages and document pages with the above-mentioned screenshot apps easily without interruptions. Nothing is too big and no content is too hard to save with mobile apps like the ones discussed in our article today.

Smartphone users are on top of their game, in content retrieval and redistribution with this list of the top 10 best screenshot apps for android/iPhone 2019.

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