10 Best Search Engine Apps for Android and iOS

Modern Technology has made a lot of things easier for us these days. For instance, we can communicate easily and have efficient transport systems and lots more. Also, if you want to find out any information on any subject, you can do it at the click of a mouse on the Internet with the help of search engine apps. Each day many individuals use different search engine tools from their Desktop or smartphone devices to search for information.Search Engine Apps

So, if you do not have a search engine or wish to know more about the best search engine apps, look no further as I will be listing 10 of the Best Search engine apps for you in this article.

10 Best Search Engine Apps for Android And iOS

  1. Google

search engine apps-googleIf you are into software or you use any kind of software, then this app should not come as a surprise to you. As Google is is the leader when it comes to search engines apps. The app is easy to get on both Android and iOS devices. Also, it is embedded with different features you can use. Furthermore, it comes with a very intelligent interface while using it on your Smartphones. In addition, the app automatically gives you news and updates about things happening all over the world as soon as you open it.

  1. Bing

bingBing fits into the same category with the Google app and ranks as the second search engine app in this article. This is because they have been outstanding over the years since it was made. Also, Bing lets you search for any information comfortably on either your Android or iOS devices. It also syncs with your GPS giving you locations of places around you, from parks to restaurants and the rest of them.

  1. DuckDuckGo

duckduckgoDuckDuckGo is another app that enables you to search for things you want to search for. This app is quite different from the others as it is a privacy app that secures your searches and any other thing you work on in the app. It has a good interface that you can work with comfortably. Also, the app automatically suggests things you are trying to search for before you finish inputting it into the search box. Finally, it is available on Android and iOS.

  1. Yahoo Search

Search Engine Apps-yahoo searchYahoo Search is another app that you can be sure to add to the list of search engine apps. This app has every possibility of making you pick it as your number one app with its amazing features. Like other apps in this article, it has an amazing interface you can use it at your convenience on your Android or iOS.

  1. AOL

aolAOL is another top rated search engine app that allows you to carry out a search with ease and convenience. Also, the app is amazing to use as it provides you with popular websites you can visit as soon as you open the app. In addition, it also provides you with news and trends from around the world on your Android or iOS device.

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  1. StartPage Search

Search Engine Apps-startpage searchStartPage Search is another app you can look forward to downloading on your Android or iOS device. The app has a different type of features that enable you to search and surf well. It is also a private app that you can use to search for things secretly if you do not want the eye of a third party to know what you are searching for.

  1. CamFind

camfindThis is another app that is part of the best search engine apps that, has amazing qualities. This app allows you not only to search for whatever you want with the keywords but also allows you to do searches using images. In addition, it is a very good app to use as it comes with its own smooth interface. You can get it on either your Android or iOS.

  1. Owplus

Search Engine Apps-owplusOwplus is another amazing search engine app like CamFind, that not only lets you search in words but also allows you to search using images and documents. The app has a stockpile of documents that you can search through. All you need to do is search for the file online and download it when you are ready on your Android.

  1. GIPHY

giphyThis app is best known for the assorted Gifs on it that you can search for. Also, it allows you to search for things you want, easily. For instance, you can search for any type of GIFs with any description and this app will get it for you easily. In addition, the app is available on your Android or iOS devices.

  1. Qwant

Search Engine Apps-qwantQwant allows you to search for things you need with ease and convenience also. Like the other apps in this article, it gives you amazing features you can select from. The app can also be used as a privacy app if you want it to be. This app lets you search for things endlessly from images to music and videos to a lot more on your Android or iOS devices.


Search engine apps have made our lives a lot easier and we should be grateful for these apps. There are lots of other apps that you can use to search for things you need on the internet. However, the apps in this article have the best qualities and features. They are 10 of the best search engine apps that you can download on either your Android or iOS. Get one today.

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