10 Best Self Defense Apps For Your Safety And Security

It is almost impossible for the world to be without crime. Every minute of the day, one crime or the other takes place. We live our lives normally and as we go out, people get robbed or attacked. This happens a lot and the easiest preys for robbers are mostly women. Also, this occurrence is as old as the existence of human beings on this planet and may not stop happening soon. We can only prevent or lessen it by learning how to defend ourselves and the people we care about. So, in this article, I will be listing 10 of the best self defense apps for women’s safety and their security.

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  1. Wing Chun Kung Fu

self-defense apps-Wing Chun Kung FuWing Chun Kung Fu is one of the best self defense apps you can learn from and that a lady can use to defend herself. The app is laced with features that allow you to learn using your Smartphones be it Android or iOS. Also, this app has different basic attack and defence techniques that you can use. It would be fun if you try it.

  1. Boxing Training

Boxing TrainingBoxing Training is one of the best apps for self-defence you can download on your Android or iOS devices. It also has basic defence techniques that you can learn, from footwork to punching and more. Also, this app gives you the best guidance that you can learn from. It has an audio instructor. The app would serve well at your convenience.

  1. Life 360 family locator

Life 360 family locatorLife 360 family locator is another fun app to use for self-defence that you can use on your Android or iOS devices. This app has a very nice feature that allows you to find the location of the people you care about. It also has a feature of sending your location notification to your friends.

  1. One Martial Arts

self-defense apps-One Martial ArtsOne Martial Arts is one of the self defense apps you download to learn techniques and ways to protect yourself. This app gives you fighting tips for protecting yourself. It comes with different methods for fighting rapists, robbers, attackers and more. You can get it for your Android or iOS device.

  1. Krav Maga

Krav MagaKrav Maga is another good app for self-defence that gives you different features enabling you to defend yourself. Like every other app in the article, this app supports teaching ladies the forms and steps they can use to take down an attacker. Furthermore, it has a lot of media a lady can watch and get a step by step guide dealing with tough situations. You can download this app on your Android or iOS devices.  In addition, on the app, you can get training on how to defend yourself from weapons and other things.

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  1. Combat Academy

Combat AcademyCombat Academy is one of the other self defense apps that provide you with all you need to know about defending yourself. Moreso, it has techniques that allow you to learn different fighting and defence position styles, from defence to offence. In addition, you can learn numerous techniques on this app from boxing to sambo, judo and a lot more. Get it for your Android or iOS.

  1. Boxx

BoxxBoxx is a great app you should download on either your Android or iOS devices. Also, the app like other apps in this article enables you to do a lot, for defending yourself and others around you. You can learn a lot from it like yoga, flexibility, boxing, and a lot more. The app will serve you at your convenience with so many features. In addition, it has a timer for saving and keeping track of your time limit for each workout you do.

  1. Quick Self-Defense

self-defense apps-Quick Self-DefenseQuick Self-Defense is one of the popular self defense apps that enable you to defend yourself against people. Also, the app is generally designed and fixed for mostly offence, not the defence. It has forms that allow you to learn martial arts to equip you in time. The app is available for Android users to download.

  1. Hyper Training Lab

Hyper Training LabHyper Training Lab is a very good app that you can download on your Android or iOS devices. You will you to learn a lot from the app to enable you to defend yourself. It has a feature that allows you to add friends and family to the settings to notify them if something happens to you.

  1. Dynamic self-defence academy

self-defense apps-Dynamic self defense academyDynamic self-defence academy is one amazing app that enables you to defend yourself against predators. Moreover, it has amazing features that allow you to learn basic techniques that you can use on your Android or iOS devices. You can set your training schedule to any time you want.


In this modern world, we live in, there are dangerous people lurking around waiting to harm us or our loved ones. So, it is vital that we know at least the basic ways to protect ourselves, and especially the people around us. That is why this article has a list of the 10 best self defense apps that you can use to defend yourself. Get yours today.


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