how to sell on Jumia

How to Sell on Jumia

This post is a step by step guide on how to sell on Jumia. Jumia is an online marketplace that offers you convenient service at the comfort of your couch or anywhere you prefer. Also, it has shopping destinations all over the nation, with the largest gathering of Smart-phones, electronics, home appliances, baby materials, accessories and more. In addition, it has a branch that allows you to sell on the platform.

Without any shred of doubt, they are the leaders in the e-commerce field in Nigeria. Presently, they have over 45,000 retail outlets around the country. They also offer wide-ranging services on housing, jobs, cars, food, buying, and “selling’’ which is the topic we are talking about today. However, before we show you how to sell on Jumia, there are few things you need to learn.

How to sell on Jumia

Brief things to know before selling on jumia

You need to know that Jumia is like any other e-commerce website. They work in a very orderly manner like any similar platform and have conditions that you must meet before you can start selling on the platform. As we proceed I will tell you the things you need to get before you can begin sales on the platform.

  1. Newly produced goods.

If you desire to sell on Jumia, you must sell goods that meet the standard they have set. For example, the platform does not sell any damaged, out-of-date or refurbished goods. Also, they do not want to be associated with contraband goods and banned it because it affects the cost of selling on Jumia.

To give you more information about the things that you cannot sell, here is a list below. 

Things you cannot sell on jumia

  • Weapons
  • Cigarettes and Tobaccos
  • Toys for Adults
  • Plants and Animals
  • Obscene Vocabulary
  • Pirated Media
  • Media publications
  • Medical Materials
  • Explosives
  • Vulgar images
  1. Minimum number of goods that you can sell

They are a lot of times people do not go through the conditions jumia set out for them and end up doing things jumia restricts. Like the least number of goods or things, that you can sell. Most people do not know about this and end up doing the opposite.  Jumia rule states that the least number of things you are allowed to sell on the platform should be five (5). Even if you want to sell on jumia outside Lagos this rule still stands.

  1. Bank Account

You must have a bank account because Customers that buy from you on Jumia will pay directly to your Bank Account. So, if you are starting the business without a bank account go and open one.

  1. Jumia Authorized seller

You need to be authorized to be able to make any activity on jumia. Authorization is vitally needed and it varies in forms of licensing and Trademarking. It is necessary as it is used to differentiate between the seller and the brand, so they can sell on jumia globally.

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  1. Suitable Pricing

Prices are another extension in this process as to make them affordable and attract people to the brand. The quality standard jumia claims are high, which is good for everyone. So, if your plan is to sell costly goods then you cannot sell them on this platform because it is not tolerated.

Now that we have discussed a few things you should be aware of let us move to things that you can sell. There is a long list of assortments of things that you can sell. I will list them for you now.

  • Phone and Gadgets
  • Health and Beauty
  • Provisions and Groceries
  • Home and Office
  • Baby Products
  • Automobiles
  • Sport Gadgets
  • Musical Instruments
  • Electronics
  • Computer Gadgets
  • Other categories

And the list goes on, into other categories that are extensive. However, it is time to move into the real topic of our post. That is “How to sell on Jumia”. You begin the process by registering on their website.

The registration does not take long at all, the minimum is five minutes. After the registration, they will require you to go through some online training. And then they will create your seller account verify your application immediately. (Note; that this may take a couple of hours).  After a certain a while they will send you a mail from their seller center. Then you can open it and click on the link they will send to you.

How to sell on Jumia

  1. First, you need to log onto the jumia sellers website. Enter the Jumia website, this varies from their official website. When you log into it, you will see a broad image that tells you to “start selling on jumia” as shown below. Click on it.

How to sell on Jumia-start selling


  1. After you do that it will take you to another page that says  “Registration Process” at the top of the page. Beneath it you would be asked if your business is located in Lagos and select between “yes” and “No”.

How to sell on Jumia-Registration process

  1. After that, you keep scrolling below where you will find a header that reads “your company information”. You will need to fill everything there with your appropriate information.

How to sell on Jumia-company information

  1. Scroll down, there is another header that also reads “About your products”, also fill the spaces with the information about your products. When you are done with this, you will find a little box that describes you accepting to the terms of jumia marketplace agreement. After you fill the box you can proceed to click the space “Register Now” to continue your registration.

About Your Products


After proceeding, you will find some questionnaires that jumia placed for you to fill. It is more about the terms you agreed to, and information and the benefits of selling on jumia marketplace, which I will go into below.

Benefits of Selling on Jumia

So, you did not think you could benefit from Jumia, did you?  Well, most sellers on Jumia do not know about this. However, here are some of the ways that you can benefit from selling there.

  1. Extensive Publicity

As a seller, one of the vast advantages of selling your products is for further Publicity.  3.9 million People swamp the jumia page every day looking for products to buy.  And that presence alone will be felt across some parts in Africa. So, it is your opportunity to advertise your product to tens of millions of people.

  1. Seller Training

The e-commerce giants have a sector at the marketplace branch where they help to train people that want to learn how to sell on jumia become better sellers. This branch is called the Jumia University. In addition, they have training sessions which also include offline training, where you also get to know and learn about the jumia selling center. Also, you can get to know how to align your products and get to comprehend the knowledge of shipping and order packaging.

The branch offers ways to enable you to lift your sales and make revealing, standard contents for your goods. And learn everything relating to account statement. Furthermore, you learn all this for free.

  1. Trust on Branding

The company has built a certain standard of trust among its customers. That is why they get millions of people viewing their page for things to buy every day.  Also, instead of looking for alternative websites, they stick with Jumia, because there is already a sense of trust between buyer and seller, which is a big plus for you.

And as I mentioned as part of the publicity, the company offers you an opportunity to use their branded and trusted name. As a result, it will grow your popularity exponentially.

  1. Limitless uploading

The company does not limit the number of times you list products for sale. There is no limit. It goes as far as you are willing to take it to. You can list as many things as you want to in a day. An addition to it all is that Jumia covers your fees for everything, maintenance, listing, and other expenses.


I hope with these tips, you now know how to sell on jumia. Also, they offer you assortments of services if you are willing to learning how to sell on their platform. In addition, you have a lot of benefits when you start selling through this e-commerce giant.


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