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How to Send Money via Western Union

Western Union Money Transfer Procedure.

western union transferThere are several ways to send money globally these days. But one of the fastest ways to send money to Nigeria is via Western Union transfer. Sending and receiving money internationally these days is now possible through Western Union online money transfer.

In the time past, many people have issues with receiving or sending money abroad but today, the rest is history. Just last week, a friend of mine asked me how he can send money through Western Union Nigeria. I remember the first time a client of mine in Zimbabwe paid me for my blog designing service using the Western Union transfer service.

At first, I thought the process was difficult until when he told me after 20 minutes that transfer has been done. Receiving the cash wasn’t difficult for me too. The process is as easy as ABC. Here in this article, I will be showing you how to receive or send money to anyone through Western Union Nigeria platform. Now, how can I send Western Union from Nigeria?


Sending Money via Western Union Nigeria in 5 Steps

  1. Visit any WU Agent office (Example: Banks)
  2. Ask for the Western Union Transfer Form
  3. Complete the form accurately and in blocks letters
  4. Provide any valid ID card, the payment including the fee to the Western Union agent.
  5. Collect receipt by saving it with the MTCN

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Note that you’ll be charged a little fee for using the western Union Nigeria service. Can you now see that sending money using the Western Union transfer service is not as difficult as you think? When the transfer is successful, inform the recipient so that he/she may go and cash it via any Western Union agents or banks around them. Give them the details of the payment including the MTCN (Only share this with the recipient). You can also track the payment via the western union Nigeria website. With those simple methods, you can send money to anyone in Nigeria within an hour.

western union nigeria

Alternatively, you can also use the western union transfer option through their official website. To do this, you’ll have to visit the Western Union website and see the process yourself.

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