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Top 10 Server Monitoring Tools

Server monitoring tools simply refer to the software used for scanning the available servers in the network for the sole aim of detecting any failure in the server. It is a systemized method of network monitoring.

Monitoring a network server is simply a preventive action for detecting any failure beforehand to avoid major problems in the network system. It is simply used to prevent the server from damage.

In addition to this, server monitoring includes checkmating and monitoring the workings of the web services and applications in the system.

For online business managers, server monitoring aids in ensuring that the server is running efficiently and business transactions are saved per flow. It detects a crash and the downtime failure abounded in the server. Any crash is likely to cause huge loss to the business reputation.

In this post, we shall analyse the top 10 server monitoring tools.

Note: We are not in anyway affiliated to any of the companies listed here.

10 Best Server Monitoring Tools

1. Pandora FMS (Pandora Flexible Monitoring System)

Pandora FMS

Pandora FMS is a strong and versatile tool which assists in the detection of the server related issues. It supports all forms of network monitoring, server monitoring, application issues etc., within a single window.

The key features of Pandora FMS include the consolidation of multiple data sources. It supports and generates different report types such as trends, Top-N etc.

Pandora FMS monitors the performance of different server operating systems. It also checkmates the status and actions of server applications such as web server, database server etc. Here is their website:

2. SolarWinds Server and Application Monitor

SolarWinds Server monitoring tools

SolarWinds serves as an agent-less server monitoring software. It monitors the server performance, alerting any issues, reporting, server management etc. The server management allows access to restart the server, kill processes and restart services. SolarWinds also monitors the server response time, services, memory, CPU load and event logs. It is designed to serve as a free server monitoring tool. It assists in tracking the status and availability of servers. SolarWinds operates in a way to monitor real-time processes. Server related issues are resolved quickly and this brings about the reduction nine the downtime. The dashboard is customizable and it creates reports, maps and graphs. Here’s the SolarWinds website:

3. Nagios Core

Nagios Core

Nagios core server monitoring is a simplified monitoring system. The dashboard is quite simple. It is an agentless server monitoring tool. The user dashboard is simplified and customizable. Issues can be tracked and monitored directly from the user dashboard. Nagios core server monitoring has several add-ons and it resolves server issues with ease. Here is the website:

4. Icinga

Icinga server monitoring tools

The Icinga server monitoring system is closely related to Nagios core. It assists in the simplified monitoring of server related issues. It oversees the server performance and alerts the user instantly whenever there is likely to be a mishap. It supports graph and map performances. It is one of the open source server monitoring tools for servers. HTTPS and SMTP are inclusive in its list. Here is where to get the tool:

5. Anturis

Anturis server monitoring service

Anturis offers server monitoring for servers in the cloud and servers referred to as in-house servers. Anturis is a software-as-a-service for servers, database, and web services. It is simple to use and cost effective.

It used for monitoring of CPU load, RAM, disk usage etc. Its functionalities also include analyzing historical data.

Anturis server monitoring open ports and connections between two or more devices. It offers a customized alert and notification system. This is achieved via emails and text messages. Website:

6. Monitis


Monitis is an open source server monitoring tool that offers a fast protection for servers. It protects the health of the CPU ensuring that the loading speed is good. The speed at which Monitis carries out its duties is very fast when compared with other similar tools. It is cloud-based. Hence, lots of the activities can be saved in the cloud. Website:

7. Ganglia

Ganglia monitoring system
Image source: Wikipedia.

Ganglia is an open source server monitoring tool. Its key feature is that it can be used to monitor the performance of multiple hosts across different networks and hence identify the difference between them. The checking is done periodically after every 20 seconds. It uses XML for data representation and XDR for data transportation. Website:

8. CollectD

Collectd monitoring system

CollectD is an open source server monitoring software. Its key feature is that it monitors the server and collects key information and statistics about the server and save them in RRD files format. It is written in C++ language. It applies the performance analysis and checkmates overloading of the current memory of the system. In cases of memory overloading, it will identify and send a notification to the admin. CollectD supports multiple operating systems. Website:

9. AppDynamics


AppDynamics is a server monitoring tool for application performance management.

It offers the details, information and statistics about all the processes running on the server by integrating with ServiceNow, JIRA, and PagerDuty. AppDynamics undertake the monitoring of network infrastructure devices such as mainframes, load balancer and it also supports VMware and Docker.

AppDynamics is quick in identifying server issues and provides prompt attention and solution. It monitors the performance and tracks the metrics in CPU and the memory. Website:

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10. Op5

op5 monitor

Op5 Monitor is widely seen as the most scalable and flexible software for the server and network monitoring. Op5 provides comprehensive information about the server and how it functions. It takes records of the statistics and metrics and gives an overview of the required actions in the future. It also integrates perfectly with third-party applications. Website:

The functions of server monitoring tools cannot be overstressed. You are free to comment and contribute to our compilation above. Simply make use of the comment box.

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