Top 10 Best Sign Language Apps for Android and iOS

As a human being, you are privileged and happy to come into this world complete. Unfortunately, that is not the case with some people who have different physical challenges. For example, people that cannot talk have to use sign language to speak. Furthermore, if your friend or a member of your family cannot talk, it won’t be easy to communicate with them as you have to do so by sign language which you have not learned. Well, you are in luck, as there are apps that were created to enable you to communicate with these special people. So, in this post, I will give you 10 of the best sign language apps that you can use and download on your devices.

 Sign Language Apps

10 Best Sign Language Apps for Android and iOS

  1. Sign Language

 Sign Language Apps-Sign LanguageSign Language is the first app on this list of apps that you would like to use. As it provides you with every possible way for you to use sign language on your Android devices. The app is good to use as includes British sign languages and deaf sing languages and signs. It has an organized section of everything you would need, making it obvious and easy for your use.

  1. Indian Sign Language

 Sign Language Apps-Indian Sign LanguageIndian Sign Language is another app in the list of the best sign language apps. It provides you with a lot as one of the best sign language apps to use on your Android. The app is amazing as it also comes with its own features like Indian sign language offline dictionary. The app is very suitable for new users as it has a lot of Indian sign language alphabets and numbers including a lot of other things. You can easily use it on your Android devices.

  1. ASL American

 Sign Language Apps-ASL American Sign LanguageASL American Sign Language is one other amazing app that is easy to use and learn sign languages. Also, it provides you with a lot of features. The app has more than 100 basic sign with videos including tie sign and family sign and the peace sign. The app is also available on Android devices as it shows you the facts and figures about American Sign Language.

  1. Sign Language for beginners

 Sign Language Apps-Sign Language for beginnersSign Language for beginners is another app in the list of the sign language apps that is quite helpful for users especially beginners. The app allows you to get the best possible way in which you can to enable you to learn the sign languages. It is also on for Android users making you learn easy numbers and alphabets.


Sign Language: ASL Kids by NEW-IMPULSE MEDIASign Language: ASL Kids by NEW-IMPULSE MEDIA is another app you would love to use on your Android device. As it is specially and mainly for kids. It provides you with ways that would enable your kids to earn languages very easily. Giving them different features like ASL dictionary and finger spelling.

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  1. Indian Sign Language by Talking Hands

Indian Sign Language by Talking HandsIndian Sign Language by Talking Hands is a good app also for you to download and use on your Android device. As part of the best sign language apps you can use, it allows you to learn to the basic things all the other apps. Providing you with numbers and alphabets you can learn.

  1. Iglesia Ni Cristo Sign Language app

Iglesia Ni Cristo Sign Language appIglesia Ni Cristo Sign Language app is a very good app to use and quite different. As it is a Christian app created by the Christian family organization, the app provides you with a lot. It gives you more than 8000 vocabularies coming with videos also. The app comes with a lot of these features that would enable you well on your Android devices.

  1. ASL Dictionary Sign Language

ASL Dictionary Sign LanguageASL Dictionary Sign Language allows you to do a lot also that would enable you to learn sign languages. The app gives you the ability to learn Alphabets from A to Z and numbers from 1 to 9. Allowing you to constantly use phrases in conversations and vocabularies on your iOS devices.

  1. Sign BSL

Sign BSLThis is another app that is part of the sign language apps that you can use easily on your iOS devices. The app has its own features also that you can engage in. Having more than 20000 videos and video dictionary teaching and letting you know what you need to learn.

  1. Mimix3D Sign Language

Mimix3DMimix3D Sign Language is the last app in this article, the app also has basic features as all the other apps in this article. The app uses a 3D friendly avatar allowing you to learn the sign languages on your Android devices.


Learning things is sometimes easy and sometimes not as easy, but when it comes to things that are important. We have to pay attention and find a way to make them easy for us to learn. Sign language apps come with different features and learning skills, so you would have to really pay attention to what they have to teach.

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