Skype for Business Pricing And Plans

Skype for Business pricing
Written by Abe Cherian

Discover Skype for Business pricing, plans and benefits of using this business tool in this short guide.

What is Skype?

Skype is a product of the Skype Technologies. Skype is an application tailored towards telecommunications. Communication between computers, phones and many other mobile devices are made easy with the use of Skype.

Skype is one of the leading veritable software for making video chats, video calls and voice calls. In Skype, all the communication is done via the internet. It is carefully knitted for unreserved information sharing between two or more devices.

During chats, attachments and other files such as pdf, doc file, videos and images can also be sent from one device to another. Instant Message delivery is done on Skype. Though it is somehow dependent on the strength of the internet network.

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Chating and connection are free, calls from Skype to Skype is free. But it will be billed when calling other cellular networks. Communications is done purely on the bases of the internet.

Skype is arguably the best and the most widely accepted software for calls and other telecommunications needs. In terms of video calls, Skype ranks the highest worldwide.

Download Skype for Business

This business tool is very unique and versatile. It can be used both on PC and on mobile. On PC, there are versions of Skype for Windows and for MAC. It also has the Android and the iOS versions for the mobile phones and tablets.

Where to get Skype

Skype can be found in the relevant software markets and can also be downloaded directly from Skype’s website. For Android users, it can be found in Google play store. The processes involved in downloading and installation of Skype are very free and easy.

Skype for Business pricing

After a successful installation, every user is required to create an account by choosing a username and other relevant bios. Users can get in contact with other users using the usernames.

Chatting and all other forms of communication between two users are done free. Skype allows group chats and a functionality that allows users to delete their old posts permanently.


After getting the Skype username, users are also assigned with local Skype phone numbers. These numbers are available for users worldwide. It is available for virtually all the countries of the world. Users are free to choose to have any local phone number from any of the countries that are found on Skype. This implies that an English user can choose to own a French line. The call rates are still the same as the standard call rates in the country. So all users can get in contact with others using any of the phone numbers. Skype does not support calling emergency numbers.

When it comes to internet calling, Skype ranks among the best. The output voice received is very clear. It can be used for free and it can also be paid for (See Skype for business pricing plans below).

Skype for Business pricing.

Skype to Skype calls: This is always free. You can make local or international calls free to other Skype users over the internet.

Skype to Local and international phone numbers: Calls to non-Skype users are very cheap. You can connect with your friends anywhere in the world at very low rates. These calls are made using Skype credits. The call rates depend on the country you are calling from. Calling from the US will cost about $0.7 per minute.

Group calls can also be done on Skype. This allows communication between up to 25 people. Skype also allows the calls forwarding option. If you are unavailable to pick your calls, then you can set the call forwarding to any other phone

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