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Top 10 Slow Motion Apps for Android And iOS

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What are the slow-motion apps you may wonder? Well, people, these days use their phones for different things like recording a video or taking pictures and seek ways to create a wow effect. Also, not all phones have a slow-motion feature, though iPhone 5 has it. In addition, others search for ways to edit their personal videos and add slow-motion effect to it but, are unable to do so because their phones do not have the capability. The good news is that there are apps that you can use to get this slow-motion effect.

best slow motion apps

In this post, we will give you a list of the top 10 slow motion apps for Android and iOS users to download, and use in the comfort of their homes.

 Top 10 Slow Motion App for Android And iOS.

1. Slow Fast Slow

slow motion apps Slow Fast Slow is the first app in this article that gives you the best features you can use to edit your videos. This app allows you to edit videos with ease because it supports most video file formats like MP4, FLV, AVI and more.

The best part is that this app allows you to choose the part of videos you want to slow down or fasten and more. After you have done the recording, it lets you save your work which you send to people around you. The app is available for both Android or iOS devices.

2. Video Shop

videoshopVideo Shop is in the list of good slow motion apps. It is suitable for use on Android and iOS devices. This app allows you to add a title to your videos after you have edited them. Furthermore, there are filters you can apply to your edits after using the slow motion effect to it to give the video an intense look. You can do a lot of video editing, copy, reverse and more with the app.

3. Slow Motion Fx

slow motion fxSlow Motion Fx is another amazing app that allows you to shoot a new video which you can edit, and gives you amazing features for you to use on the video. In addition, it gives you a half fast speed and a slow one allowing. You can select the option of speed you want to use, this app is available on Android and iOS.

4. KineMaster

kinemasterKineMaster is another great app for you to use, this app is available for both Android and iOS users. Its function does not really differ from others, allowing you to take a video and editing them with the options you prefer. It also allows you to add music you want to your videos while you edit them. This app has a paid version different from the free one.

5. Videoleap

videoleap slow motion appsVideoleap is a free slow motion app available for Android and iOS users, with features you cannot see on others. This app is mostly concentrated on sports people. Also, it allows them to edit videos they make and zoom it while in slow motion. This app is easy to access and it will be convenient for you to use.

6. VivaVideo

vivavideoThis app has a lot of effects you can use in hundreds. Also, creating and editing comes with ease when you use this app. For example, when you finish recording your videos, you can select from any of the effects out of the hundred inbuilt in the app for your use. This app is very efficient and its contents are very comfortable to use on either Android or iOS.

7. Quik

QuikQuik is a very useful app allowing you to record your videos slowly without time-lapse on either of your Android or iOS devices. It supports a vast variety of video editing features and more. It has incredible video quality. Also, controlling the speed of a video is made easy by selecting how long you want the speed to be from average to full.

8. KMPlayer

kmplayerKMPlayer is another amazing app that allows you to do a lot with its features and also, enables you to add effects to them as VivaVideo app does. It is available for your Android and iOS devices. This app is very easy to use as it gives you your own option on how you want to control your speed. Another reason why it is part of the top slow motion apps is the ability to add sound effects to it making your video edit work the best it can be.

9. Efectum

efectumEfectum is another app that lets you access the speed you want, even in reverse mode, fast mode, and slow motion. This app is very easy to get on Android and iOS. After you have completed editing your videos, this app allows you to share your edited videos on social media. This app is very easy and convenient to use. You can use it for as long as you want to use it with no problems.

10. Loop Video

loop video slow motion appsLoop Video lets you create short videos of anything you want and allows you to edit them using any number of effects under 15 seconds. You can get it for your Android or iOS devices. This app like all the other apps in this article, slow-motion apps. This app is very easy to use. Also, its main feature is that you have the ability to add images to the videos you had edited.


Slow motion applications are vital when editing your videos and you do not have a way to apply slow motion effect to them. The list above gives you the top 10 slow motion apps you can download. They work for either Android or iOS devices.

Download then today and share your experience here.


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