10 Best Snake on Screen Apps for Android And iPhone

Today, we will be discussing Snake on screen Apps for Android and iPhone users respectively. These are mobile apps that display virtual snakes on your Smartphone screen. Hmmmmm! Scary to think about right? These Snake on screen apps can be used as an effective prank tool, to scare your friends with these realistic graphical snake representations on your phone screen. It would be a big hit, don’t you think so? Of course, it will.

Snake on screen apps

Also, if you like and study snakes and would love to have a virtual one on your phone screen. These apps are indeed the right choice for you. Let us explore a few of them that are available on the play and Apple store.

10 Best Snake on Screen Apps (Android/iPhone)


  1. Snake on Screen HD Prank

Snake on screen Apps-Snake on Screen HD Prank

The interface of this app is extremely simple and very easy to use. It is a fun mobile app, that can be used to create virtual snakes and pythons, and display them on your smartphone screen. Also, they can be very scary to look at so, carefully choose who you play a prank on with this app. Get yours now on iOS

  1. Screen Joke

Snake on screen Apps-Snake on Screen joke

Thousands of users worldwide love using this app as it contains very scary snake jokes. In addition, it is a complete prank app and contains snake animations and realistic snake effects. Also, this app is absolutely fun for snake and prank lovers alike. Get yours now on iOS

  1. Snake on Screen Prank

Snake on screen Apps-Snake on Screen Prank

Compatible with iOS devices exclusively. You can make this snake on screen app to generate beautiful and unique virtual snakes on your smartphone screen. Furthermore, it has a rich and vibrant combination of snake images that help to create realistic animation. You can download this app now.

  1. Snake on Screen Scary

Snake on screen Apps-Snake on screen scary

With absolute realistic sound effect and animation, this app earns a spot on our list of best snake on screen apps. Also, it is a great prank app, with a lot of scary animal animations like Mouse, Snakes, Worms, Ants, and Lizards. In addition, this app has a new feature that allows you to make pranks and share them with your friends and peers alike. Download For iOS devices Now

  1. Snake on Screen Prank – Prank your Friends

Snake on Screen Prank – Prank your Friends

Download this app now for very realistic animation of snakes on your phone screen. Also, it has high quality graphics and animation effect. In addition, this app is one of the best snake on screen app for iPhone devices. You can also set a transparent notification icon on the app. Furthermore, it is compatible with iOS devices of all compartments.

  1. Snake Screen Prank

Snake Screen Prank

Backed with thousands of downloads and very good app rating, this snake simulator is interesting with very unique features. Also, it is a unique snake animation creator and with a user-friendly app interface, that makes the operations easy. Furthermore, you can also opt out of the app interface and still have snake animations on your smartphone.

  1. Snake Screen Terrible Prank

Snake Screen Terrible Prank

Snake on screen apps are good snake simulator apps, that easily create animated snake images with realistic properties. Note that these are mainly for the purpose of prank or having fun. This is a simulated snake app, with very easy to use functions. After you download and install it you can open the app and press the start button, and an animated snake will appear, moving up and down your phone screen. This at times is scary and would do for a good prank on others. Download for Android now.

  1. Cobra Attack on Phone Prank

Cobra Snake Attack on Phone Prank

Looking for a scary and free app for download? You just found one of the funniest and scary snake simulator app for Android. Also, this app, displays on your phone screen a hissing cobra, with a ready to attack stance. As much as this is funny it is also a bit scary. In addition, it ranks well as a very good prank app, probably one of the best on our snake on screen apps list, today.

  1. Snake on Screen Hissing Joke

Snake on Screen Hissing Joke

This app displays realistic animation of snakes on your phone screen with high-quality graphics animation. It is a recommended prank app to millions of users worldwide. This app also has options like app transparency notification icon for transparency effects. Snake size can be readily changed and customized too. You can download this app from the PlayStore for free.

  1. Snake in Hand Joke – iSnake

Snake in Hand Joke – iSnake

Notably one of the best snake on screen apps, available to Android devices. This app displays a crawling and hissing virtual snake on the screen with amazing graphics animation qualities. Also, this mobile app creates very realistic impressions of snakes, that is absolutely scary. Similarly, it has a timer that you can set for a snake to exit or enter your screen.


Prank your buddies with the amazing content from these snake on screen apps. Furthermore, you can add a live snake to your mobile screen phone for the fun of it. You can also, make awesome snake screenshots for amazing wallpapers for your phone. Try them out now.


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