10 Best Snapchat Saver Apps for Android or iOS Devices

If you are familiar with the Snapchat app and use it, you would know that there are a lot of people using the app worldwide. Also, the app provides you a lot of features like viewing stories other people post. But the sad thing is that if you want to download those posts, you won’t be able to do so. As the app does not give you that function. Thankfully, that problem is history as there are apps you can use to download posts easily. And they are the best Snapchat saver apps that you can use on both Android or iOS devices. In this post, I am giving a list of ten of them right away.

Snapchat saver apps

10 Best Snapchat saver apps for Android or iOS devices

  1. Snapkeep for Snapchat – Saves Snapchat photos and videos

Snapchat saver apps-SnapkeepSnapkeep is the first app that you would like to download and use on your devices. And you now can save all the snaps that any of your friends upload. The app supports both photos and videos and it has the ability to remember your password. You can access snapchat right from snapkeep as the app is very easy to use, get it on your iOS devices.

  1. SnapBox – save snapchat snaps & videos

Snapchat saver apps-SnapBoxThis is another app that you can get on your devices that allows you to save all the snaps from your friends. And the app lets you save all the snaps by opening the SnapBox app. It will also download and save a picture for you right away on your iOS devices.

  1. SnapCrack Free for Snapchat

Snapchat saver apps-SnapCrackThis app gives you features like the other apps and you can also post a story and save your friends’ stories too. The app supports both photos and videos and assists you to add stickers and draw on your snaps. And it lets you do other things like zoom or view the photos. Get this app on your iOS devices.

  1. Private Screenshots

Snapchat saver apps-Private ScreenshotsThis is one of the Snapchat saver apps that comes with its own features. Also, it has the capacity to take screenshots secretly without allowing the chat app to detect it. And those files will save into the private app’s directory.  Also, it will never send you a notification about the capture or a screenshot. The images can only be accessed by you and no other apps can access your screenshots without your permission. Get this app on your Android devices.

  1. SnapGrab Screenshot tool

SnapGrabSnapgrab is part of the Snapchat saver apps you should consider downloading and using on your Android devices. As an app, it is a great tool and it will take screenshots without allowing other people to know. Also, the app doesn’t require any login and registration. It also has an autosave feature and it works with chats. Besides, the app does not give you any notifications when it captures any screenshot.

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  1. SnapSave for Snapchat

SnapSaveThis is another app that you can use quite conveniently on your Android devices. Also, the app will take a screenshot anywhere anonymously. It also takes screenshots secretly without allowing other apps to detect it. Also, the app is very easy to use and provides you with features like the other apps in this post do.

  1. Snap Save

Snap SaveThe app is another app you can use on your Android devices to capture screenshots and record videos snap anonymously. And it has an easy interface that you can use with options for screenshot and video recording in the same session. Besides, the app does not require any login and registration and has an autosave feature.

  1. Snap Stories Downloader

Snap Stories DownloaderThis app also provides you with the same similar features as some of the other apps in this article. It is simple to use and with it, you can easily explore, delete and share videos. While it is in use, you can also record your phone screen even when you are playing heavy games on your Android devices.

  1. SaveStory

SaveStorySaveStory is in the list of the snapchat saver apps we are presenting you in the post. This app gives you what you need quite easily as well as you can take continuous screenshots while giving you features of HQ recording. The app is super fast and will grab the image from recorded videos. Get the app on your Android devices and access its features.

  1. SnapSaver

SnapSaverThis is the last app you can use in this article as part of the snapchat saver apps. It captures screenshots and records video snaps anonymously. The app gives you an easy interface and options with a screenshot and video recording in the same session. Also, you can download the app on your Android devices.


In this article, you have the Snapchat saver apps on the internet. So pick any of the apps in this article and download them to enjoy the features they provide you on your Android or iOS devices.

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