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10 Best Soda Fountain Apps (Android/iPhone) 2020

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Today, we will be discussing some of the best soda fountain apps. These apps are virtual soda simulators, which means that they produce virtual soda drinks. How will you like to have a chilled Soda drink from your device? So, if you are thinking about it then you’ve come to the right place. These apps we are discussing today can help you accomplish this great feat.

Soda Fountain Apps

In addition, you can also play pranks on your friends, by telling them you have an enormous refrigerator of various soda drinks on your mobile device. Virtual soda simulators are very fun apps to use. Let’s quickly explore them and their amazing features.

10 Best Soda Fountain Apps (Android/iPhone)

  1. Cola Drinks

 best soda fountain apps-Cola Drinks

Cola drinks are a perfect liquid simulation app for Android devices with a clear, but transparent background. It is also a good prank app that simulates cola in your mobile device. Have a cola drink wherever you are and at absolutely anytime you want. Finally, Never run out of chilled cola drinks again with this amazing cola drink simulator.

  1. Drink Simulator

 best soda fountain apps-Drink Simulator

Another amazing virtual soda simulator, today on our soda fountain apps list is drink simulator. This app is a funny one. It gives users the opportunity to have multiple soda drinks on their Android devices. You can also choose from a variety of drinks like milk, soda, and even cola. Slope the phone to drink as much soda as you want. Get this great app from the PlayStore now.

  1. iBeer – Drink From your Phone

best soda fountain apps-iBeer

Drink beer virtually from your phone with this app. Compatible with the iOS device alone. You can connect with friends or other persons for beer drinking on live voice chat, you can also share a photo with them if you want. Tilt your device to drink, shake to make bubbles and many more. Download to fully access this app on your iOS device.

  1. Drink Cocktail New Year Prank

best soda fountain apps-Drink Cocktail New Year Prank

This is another great virtual drink app on our soda fountain apps collection. Loaded with a variety of drinks like Vodka, whiskey, beer, champagne, juice, and soda. Users can also mix this variety to make something unique and somewhat crazy. You can fool a couple of friends by acting like your actually drinking from your phone. It is a great app to pull a prank with. Get this app for iOS device now.

  1. Cocktail Prank – Drinking Sim

Cocktail Prank – Drinking Sim

With an amazing app interface, this cocktail drink simulator changes your phone and makes it look like a real cocktail glass full with a delicious recipe. In addition, you can either fool the people around you by not telling them or make them laugh and smile by revealing your secret. You can also mix drinks on this app and create a wonderful recipe for yourself. Unlock a wide range of colorful and delicious recipes too. Get for all iOS platforms now.

  1. iSoda


Drinking soda just got easier and better with this mobile app. now, you can easily fill up your iPhone with soda drink, and then tilt the phone to drink. This app also literally makes drinking soda fun and better. In addition, it has options for making bubbles when you shake your iPhone device.

  1. Drink Cocktail Real Sim

Drink Cocktail Real Sim

You can now fill your phone with a refreshing drink anytime and anywhere you want. Never run out of cocktail refreshments with this app. You can also surprise other people and those around you like your friends and family with this virtual drinking app. Similarly, the drinks generated by this app contains really appetizing contents like fruit slices in the virtual glass cup. In addition, it has colorful visuals and animations to make the drinking look real. Download now for all iOS platforms.


  1. Real Drink Simulator

Real Drink Simulator

Drink a variety of soft drinks now on your mobile device. For instance, you can drink cola, soda, energy drinks, cocktail, and even water. This app is packed full with all your favorite drinks to give you a great virtual drinking experience. It also has cool features like pour a drink, make drink bubbles by shaking your phone and tilt your phone to drink and have fun. Download for Android devices now.

  1. Soda Mobile Drink

Soda Mobile Drink

Available to thousands of Android users worldwide. This soda mobile drinker ranks best on our soda fountain drinking app list. Furthermore, this mobile app gives a virtual simulation of tasty soda drinks with bubbles. You can also uniquely create a fresh soda drink glass and tilt your mobile phone to drink happily. Soda Mobile app is very fun to use with real gulping sound as your drink. Make more soda bubbles by shaking your mobile device.

  1. Virtual Cola Drinking

Virtual Cola Drinking

Drink your favorite cola drink from your phone, whenever you want to. With this app, you can change your smartphone device into a simulator glass filled with a chilled glass of delicious cola drink. Tilt your mobile device to virtual drink it all. Also, the whole event will look very natural, with high-quality sound effects and very realistic animation of foam. Get this virtual drinking app for your Android device immediately.


Use these soda fountain apps, to keep your body, and state of mind refreshed any day, anywhere and at any time. In addition, you can never run out of drinks when you have a store on your mobile device. Download these apps now and never run out of virtual drinks ever again, mix your favorite cocktail recipe with these apps and drink it all like no one is watching. Virtual drinking just got better and more fun.

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