List of software like Doodly

There are lots of whiteboard animation software like Doodly in the industry and choosing the right one might be somehow difficult. They have become quite popular nowadays due to their simplicity and benefits. Whiteboard software provides an efficient platform to explain concepts and ideas using eye-catching videos. Professionals make use of this software to create video ads for businesses and organizations. Hobbyists also use it to create videos for social media and also for entertainment purposes.


Whiteboard animation software has been used over the year for marketing purposes. They are easy to use and useful in the creation of explanatory videos.  Being one of the most common animation software in the industry, you can try it out by getting the Doodly free trial software for 30 days. There are lots of software like Doodly that are great and we will discuss them in this post.

What does Doodly do?

Doodly is an easy to use animation software with a drag and drop interface. It is widely popular for creating sketches and videos. It is widely used for school, marketing, and social media videos in no time. Whether you are a professional or a beginner, you will be able to use Doodly without any challenges. It is one of the leading software in the industry with numerous features and capabilities.

The software has numerous free music industry and thousands of inbuilt images in its library. All you have to do is use the drag and drop interface to select the images you want from the available ones in the Doodly library. In addition to that, you can create your own images and upload them on your canvas. You can also add sounds or music tracks from the hundreds of audio on the platform.

When creating your videos using Doodly, you can choose the resolution, frame rate, and quality of the video. Videos that you create can also be shared on any social media platform of your choice for people to see.

List of software like Doodly

There is a range of whiteboard animation software that is similar to Doodly. They are powerful and can serve as video editing software. If you are looking for an alternative to Doodly, there are many popular animation software you can opt for.  Below are some of the best animation software that are competitors to Doodly.


PowToon is an animation software that lets users create animation videos easily. It can be useful to professionals, hobbyists, and students. You can manipulate images, manipulate objects, and create voice-overs using this software. Powtoon provides a platform to engage and create explanatory videos. It is an effective marketing strategy that lets you grab the attention of your audiences.

This software is a great alternative for Doodly. Students can use this software to create school projects. With this software, you can use it to teach, interact, and engage with your target audience.

The price starts at $19.99 every month and you can also get started by visiting their official website.


Toonly is a great alternative for Doodly that also helps to create professional explanatory videos. It is very easy to use even if you do not have any prior experience. There are lots of functionalities that help your video look professional. When using Toonly, all you have to do is choose a background and use the drag and drop interfaces to insert characters. You can create animated videos in no time using the tools provided on the software.

You can create unique higher quality animation videos on this video. It has 510 character images and numerous characters with different poses. There are also multiple scenes and backgrounds on the software.

The price starts at $39 every month and you can also get started by visiting their official website.


Animaker is a video making software that lets users create animated explanatory videos in a few minutes. The software has hundreds of templates that make it possible to create videos. Animaker library has millions of stock assets, animated texts, stickers, properties, audio tracks, and many more.

The interface of Animaker is very easy to navigate and all you need is to use the drag and drop function to make powerful videos. Millions of people use this software to create great videos.

The price starts at $0 and you can also get started by visiting their official website.


Moovly is also an online platform that makes it easy to create animated presentations, tutorials, marketing videos, and explainers with a drag and drop interface. The software has numerous features that make it possible to animate objects. You can also upload your own pictures, videos, and audio when making content. Whatever video you create can be used for television, educational, and marketing purposes.

The price starts at $25 monthly and you can also get started by visiting their official website.

Adobe Animate

This software is useful in creating animations for the web, televisions, and games. You can use it to create animated avatars and doodles and also add actions to content for eLearning purposes. Adobe Animate is useful in bringing video ads and cartoons to life. You can use this software to publish videos on multiple platforms.

You can create mobile content and explanatory videos with various animation tools. It can help you create explanatory videos and also integrate audios. With all the tools in the software, you can make your characters walk, talk, and blink with frame by frame animation. Adobe Animate also gives you a platform to create highly interactive web banners.

The price starts at $19.99 and you can also get started by visiting their official website.


In summary, there are lots of alternatives that are just as powerful as Doodly. You can use them to create explanatory videos for entertainment and education purposes. This post mentioned five powerful software that are just as easy to use as Doodly.


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