10 Best Solar Battery Fast Charger Prank App

Today, we will be discussing on the solar battery fast charger prank app download on both Android and iOS platforms. With these solar charger apps, you can simulate or make your smartphone behave as though it charges with direct sunlight. The best part is that your battery level increases as though it was actually charged, But this is a prank and it is absolutely unreal.

solar battery fast charger prank app

These solar battery fast charger prank app were already designed with these prank interfaces. Once downloaded and installed, you can make people believe your phone charges directly with solar power and it’ll be authentic because you’ll have these prank apps to show for it. Let’s explore each one and discover what makes them unique.

Top 10 Best Solar Battery Fast Charger Prank App

  1. Solar Mobile Charger Prank App

Solar Mobile Charger Prank

Pranking others just got easier and better with these Solar apps. This one actually does not charge your mobile phone battery, it behaves as if it does but actually it doesn’t. It is a complete prank box. It also includes a fingerprint battery charger that makes others believe you’re charging your battery with your thumbprint. This app is available to Android users exclusively. Download from the PlayStore Now.

  1. Fast Charging Solar Battery Prank App

Fast Charging Solar Battery Prank

Basically, this app was designed for prank entertainment. It has some awesome graphics interface and app layouts to make people believe it is an actual solar battery charging point. While really it is just a funny prank app that does not charge your battery at all. Try this Android app now for free.

  1. Solar Battery Fast Charger Prank(Android) App

Solar Battery Fast Charger Prank

The Android PlayStore is full with a variety of different pranking apps but this one stands out. It poses unique qualities like a display animation of a mobile battery charging process only in the presence of light. This animation interface comes up automatically between the hours of 6 am to 6 pm. This solar battery prank app strives to show that it only charges in the presence of sunlight, with additional programming options that make it work with your time zone to keep your prank updated and alive. Download this App now.

  1. Battery Saver and Solar Battery Charger Prank

Battery Saver and Solar Battery Charger Prank

Now, more than ever we believe in technological advancements. This is why it’s pretty easy to prank people with mobile prank apps of this kind. This app has a very attractive interface and a variety of solar charging interface and layouts. It actually behaves as if it were charging your phone using solar power. Meanwhile, it is only just simulating and acting to do so. The only beneficial advantage of this app is the newly included battery saver feature that extends battery life by stopping apps and increasing phone charging speed. Get this app from the PlayStore Now.

  1. Solar Battery Charger Prank

Solar Battery Charger Prank

Solar battery applications don’t actually charge directly from the sun but only behave to do so are. This app is one of them; it was designed only for prank entertainment. It does not charge your battery at all; it only behaves like it’s charging, and even, it shows battery level increasing. But it is all a prank and not real. Try this prank app today, Download now.

  1. Solar Battery Charger Fast Prank

Solar Battery Charger Fast

Solar battery charger fast prank only utilizes the phone’s light sensor and charges your battery with speed after just a few minutes exposure to sunlight. All you need to do is to start the app and put out on the sun rays. It will begin to increase your phone’s battery meter as if it was actually charging. Note this app doesn’t work in the evening or in the dark when there is no proper sunlight. Get this Android app now.

  1. Solar Battery Charger

Solar Battery Charger

To use this prank app, first download and install it then launch the app. Place it under sunlight rays and it will automatically start charging. A feature like fingerprint battery charger is also included. You can go ahead and prank your friends with this amazing app. The features, layout and interfaces make this app a really cool prank app. It is very original and among the solar battery fast charger prank app for Android.

  1. Solar Battery Mobile Charger

Solar Battery Mobile Charger

All you need to optimally use this app is by downloading and installing it then start the app and click on charge my mobile. This tool provides users with amazing effects that give it a very realistic feel and look. Making it one of the best mobile apps for a prank on Android devices. Download this app now to see the mobile charging animation, so you too can prank your friends.

  1. Solar Charger Simulator

Solar Charger Simulator

A simulator app like this one that’s environment-friendly is a perfect solution to charging your mobile devices quickly. After you’ve downloaded and installed the app, all you need to do is place the mobile device directly under sunlight and then start the app. This mobile device will begin to charge your phone automatically. It is also a quick way to charge your mobile device as it charges 70% faster than normal devices.

  1. Solar Battery Charger Prank (Android) App

Solar Battery Charger Prank

Finally, here is another perfect app. This one charges 90% more than normal phones. It is free and does not require an internet connection to operate. It is also integrated with very quick charging abilities and supports all devices across all Android platform.


These are some of the solar battery fast charger prank app available across all mobile device platforms. They are simulator apps, they only act like they are original while they are not. Originally these apps were designed for prank and entertainment purposes. So, if you feel you need to pull a new prank trick on your family members, friends or even colleagues at work. You could try on these apps. I assure you they are the best in the prank business.


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