Top Best Solar Inverters in Australia


The Solar inverter is central to your entire PV system and therefore must be chosen cautiously, therefore check out the best Inverters in Australia.

The Best Solar Inverters in Australia
The Best Solar Inverters in Australia

The Solar Inverter market is currently buzzing with many different models, all of which are boasting to give a lot more than they actually do in reality. However, there are a few top models which over excellent online monitoring tools and great home management features.

We do understand the use of these hybrid systems and home battery systems are still growing, therefore we are still in the early days.  The Solar Inverter is central to the Solar grid tie system and as many have seen can develop many issues. This we acclaim to be directly linked to harsh weather conditions such as extreme heat, rain or humidity and at the same time these systems produce up to 10 hours a day of electricity.

Looking at this, you will realize that it is important that only the best inverter system which can offer a bit of leverage when dealing with harsh weathers must be picked for your home.

Also, solar panels may develop problems from time to time but this does not lead to complete system shutdown as will be normally witnessed with the Solar system. Therefore, it is often recommended to purchase your Solar panels from a reputable business with over 5 years who can offer extended warranties.

Please note:

Since extreme weather conditions can affect a Solar inverter, it is better to mount them in areas where the chances of developing faults will be minimal. This areas that will significantly increase the life of your Solar Inverter include, under a carport, inside a garage or as well out of direct sunlight.

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Types of Solar Inverters

Before we list the best Solar Inverters in Australia, here are the most popular kinds of Solar Inverters you will find in Australia.

  1. Hybrid Inverters: This kinds of Inverters have are operated both by battery and Solar in a single unit. They are however becoming more popular because they are more affordable and a lot more attractive.
  2. Off-grid Inverters: These kinds of Solar inverters are also called stand-alone solar inverters because they have inbuilt chargers that serve both as the AC and the DC coupled systems. The modern versions of these inverters are called interactive Solar inverters and are often used in creating advanced hybrid grid-tie systems.
  3. Micro Inverters: Micro Inverters exists as very small solar inverters which are often attached to individual solar panels. With this system, you can have an excellent electricity setup, if your roofing style is very complex and only individual solar panels and solar inverters can work for you. However, they are a lot more expensive.

Solar Inverter Rating Criteria for our list

To help decipher only the best Solar Inverter systems, here are the criteria used. However, you should note that only the most popular grid-tie Solar Inverter systems are well regarded in this list. Here are the criteria used in this ranking:

  • Service & Support
  • Features
  • Warranty
  • Price
  • Quality and reliability
  • Durability
  • Monitoring tools

However, the first five Inverter models are the very best Solar Inverters in Australia and include:

  • Fronius
  • SMA
  • SolarEdge
  • Sungrow
  • Solax Power

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The Best Solar Inverter systems in Australia

  1. Fronius

The Best Solar Inverters in Australia

Fronius Inverters are among the most popular Solar Inverters in Australia. They are also one of the best Solar Inverter systems in Austrailia due to their 10 years extended warranty features. This is also attributed to the fact that the Fronius Inverter offers WiFi monitoring systems which are connected via the Fronius Solar Web. In addition, there is a separate Fronius Smart meter which allows for efficient monitoring of energy consumption and generation within the home monitoring system. There is also a smartphone app available for both iOS and Android devices which increases the control of your inverter system. Fronius offers inverter categories from 3.0 to about 8.2kw in both single and three-phase systems. Click here to check out the full specifications of the Fronius Inverter systems.

2. SMA

SMA is a German Inverter manufacturing company which has recently transferred services from the US and South Africa to China. However, they are quite known for their reliable service and offer the best Solar inverters in Australia as well as other countries where they operate. SMA also offers an extended 10-year warranty for their inverter, however, they do not offer digital panel display and therefore rely solely on WiFi communication. Therefore, if you do not have a WiFi communication, it will be quite hard to detect faults and issues. Monitoring of the system is however done via the Sunny Portal. However, the Suuny also offers an Android mobile app but these do not give real-time data and is therefore not completely reliable. To view all inverters and their specifications offered by SMA, click here

3. Sungrow

The Sungrow is one of the largest suppliers of quality solar Inverter systems in the World and is referred to as the largest Chinese inverter manufacturing establishment. However, they are also quite popular in Australia due to their great reliability and excellent pricing systems. In addition, they have a support office in Sydney, Australia which was opened in a bid to increase their reputation and services. The SHK5+ ESS model, one of Sungrow’s Inverters is known as one of the most affordable and reliable Inverters for home battery systems. However, Sungrow offers WiFi monitoring on residential models but this is actually based on an outdated system ( Solarifo Bank). However, the smartphone app available for Android is a lot more efficient. To check out all inverter models offered by Sungrow, click here ( or here for their Global website).

4. SolarEdge

The Best Solar Inverters in Australia

Solar Edge is becoming quite popular in Australia as they offer one of the best solar Inverters in the country. This is due to their unique design which integrates the use of DC optimisers for more efficient individual monitoring control. These DC optimisers are small electronic modules which also individual monitoring of the different panel level monitoring.  With this system, it is easier to detect areas that have developed faults. Also, Solar Edge offers an extended 12 year warranty period on all inverters manufactured by the Company. To view, full Inverter specifications, Click here

5. Solax Power

The Best Solar Inverters in Australia
Solax power

Solax Power is not really quite old as an Inverter manufacturing firm in the Industry. However, they are a subsidiary of the Suntellite Grip based in China. In the few years of existence, they have made quite an impression, however, they do not offer sleek designs like their rivals but are better known for offing efficient, simple and reliable models.

The Solar Online monitoring portal, however, is one of the best and even offers increased access via the use of phone apps as well as more tools like email reporting. To See all inverters made by these company, click here.

The Best Solar Inverter Systems in Australia – Runner ups  

6. Huawei Fusion Inverters

The Huawei Fusion Inverters are considered one of the newest companies when it comes to Solar Inverters. They are better known for their smartphones and electronic devices rather than Inverters. However, they offer hybrid Inverters ranging from 2 to 5kW which are extremely compact and light weight. They also utilize a high voltage DC coupling battery interface which is a lot more compatible.  Nevertheless, they do not have a backup power supply system which according to the Company, will be available soon.

7. ABB

ABB offers great quality inverter systems but not as much as the first four. Their PV ranges are considered outdated and many of their models for the past years are a bit tricky when it comes to warranty issues. However, there are newer models but not much could be said about the warranties due to their relative age.

Also, ABB is not quite known for their monitoring systems but more improvements are being seen with the release of more models this year.

8. Ingeteam

Ingeteam is a European Inverter company but is however relatively new in the Australian solar market. Therefore, we cannot fully explore their efficient just yet. However, they offer a wide range of solar and hybrid inverters for residential, commercial as well as a much larger utility-scale central solar inverters.


Goodwe is a reputable Chinese Inverter manufacturing company, however, they have a blurred reputation in Australia, due to issues with Quality but these have been enhanced with the past years. One of their newest models that are quite reliable and popular is the Goodwe hybrid inverter (GW 5048D-ES). In addition, All Goodwe inverter have a standard WiFi monitoring system

10. Delta

Delta offers one of the best in terms of reliability and extended warranty of about 1o years. In addition, they have an office in Melbourne, Australia which therefore means they are more reliable and trusted. Dela Grop is a leading Global electronics giant in the Wolrd and has been manufacturing power systems since 1971.

And here is the comprehensive list of the best Inverter systems in Australia. Do you use any of these systems, do let us know your experiences with them. However, if you have any questions about any of them, do so by placing a comment below.

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