10 Best Forex Brokers in South Africa

10 Best Forex Brokers In South AfricaIN SOUTH AFRICA


South Africa is the most developed country in Africa, and it enjoys lots of privileges. Some of the privileges include being known to have one of the most reliable financial sectors, with the best regulatory body. As a result of strong regulation, Forex brokers in South Africa execute trades of forex traders in line with the rules and adhere strictly to best industry standards, to protect traders funds.

Also, maintaining segregated client accounts and minimum capital required for a trader to have on their account, are the two types of traders’ funds they handle. Similarly, these forex brokers give traders access to the interbank market, trading engine and real-time forex market information.

This article will highlight the 10 best Forex Brokers in South Africa. Let us see those brokers that are in the list now.

List of 10 best Forex Brokers in South Africa

  1. FXTM

10 Best Forex Brokers In South Africa-fxtmIt is a very popular broker in South Africa. It was founded in 2011. Also, it is a global broker. Their mission is centered on time. They believe that every decision they make is to make sure that their clients, business partners, and the team of professionals, invest their time wisely. They also have a passion for encouraging and empowering traders to get the best value of their investment. Furthermore, they have a strong online trading platform too. Visit website.



10 Best Forex Brokers In South Africa-AVATRADE

Avatrade is a type of broker that allows you to trade with confidence. They opened the business in 2006. AvaTrade is online trading. Their vision is to empower people to invest and trade, with confidence. In addition, they know them for their simplicity and sophistication. Also, the company has earned nine industry awards. Visit website

  1. Markets.com

10 Best Forex Brokers In South Africa-MarketsMarkets.com is owned by Safecap investment limited. It was founded in 2008 by Playtech. The broker offers the following services like trading in stocks, indices, and commodities & cryptocurrencies. Go to website

  1. CM trading

CM trading is among the world’s most innovative Forex brokers. It is also an import and exporting country. 10 Best Forex Brokers In South Africa-CMTradingIt was founded in 1990. In 2017, it won the award as the ‘best performing broker in Africa’. In addition, their mission is to make their clients feel safe and secured. They achieve this by creating a friendly and intuitive trading environment. Furthermore, it holds integrity, security, innovation, and success as core values. See website.


  1. IronFX

Iron FXIronFX won an award as a global leader when it comes to online trading. It also provides a high level of trading functionality. Their vision is to provide an unsurpassable benchmark for personalized, best-practice service. It is a trader’s choice in South Africa. Check their website.

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  1. FXPro

FXPro is an international broker. It was founded in 2006. They also provide their client with a wide range FX PROof payment options. In addition, their payment options include Bank transfer, debit/credit card, PayPal, Skrill, Netteller, and UnionPay. Visit them now.


  1. IG

IGIG is a broker that allows you to access thousands of markets. It was founded in 1974. They also have a significant operation in South Africa. In addition, they render forex trading, trading in equities, commodities, and indices services to their teeming customers. Go to the website to learn more.

  1. SAXO Bank

Saxo is the largest FX brokers in the world. They offer services like trading in CFDs, equities, SAxo Bankcommodities, and other instruments. Furthermore, when it comes to active trading they are number one. In addition, many traders and investors prefer them to others. Als, the company started doing business in 1992. Finally, their leverage is lower compared to most brokers. Visit website.

  1. FXCM

FXCMFxcm is the type of broker that allows you to use a single account to trade in multiple markets. Also, the company started in 1999. Furthermore, the advantage that their client has, is that they can do mobile trading. In addition, with mobile trading capability, you just have one-click order execution and trading real-time. Check website

  1. Finq.com

Finq.com is a type of broker that supports trade in commodities, shares, forex, and indices. They FINQachieve this through financial thinking. They opened the business in 2014. In addition, they offer 7 currency pair trading on its platform. Visit the website to learn more.



In conclusion, looking at the best forex brokers in South Africa, you can see that they have one thing in common. In addition, all of them give their clients the best services in the execution of their trades. They also make sure their client’s funds are safe. You can make your choice from this list of the 10 best Forex brokers in South Africa, and you can rest assured that there is no monkey business going on.


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