spy Facebook messages

6 Ways To Spy Facebook Messages (Without Getting Caught)

You can now Spy Facebook messages of someone even without their phones with the methods in this free guide.

spy Facebook messages
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It is no news that the internet space only has an appearance of privacy and security, with the right knowledge and tools anyone can access any information on the internet no matter how secure it is.

Finance specialist Adeel Javaid is of the opinion that people who use social media are vulnerable to uninvited scrutiny and Facebook messages are no exceptions.

You can easily spy on anyone’s Facebook messages remotely viewing any images, videos, audios that have been transferred through Facebook Messenger through the help of this guide.

Hey! You might be thinking, isn’t spying on someone’s Facebook messages such an evil thing to do? Well, here I’ve got you some real legitimate reasons why you may need to look through those Facebook messages.

Reasons why you might need to spy on Someone’s Facebook Messages.

  • A worried parent may need to monitor their teenager’s conversations and find out what kind of conversations they are having on Facebook and which of the people or kind of friends they are talking to on the Facebook Messenger.
  • A snooping girlfriend who needs to calm her frayed nerves and reassure herself that her boyfriend isn’t cheating on her by spying on her boyfriend’s Facebook messages.
  • An HR at work may need to track employee’s productivity at work by finding out how much time they spend chatting on Facebook messenger and at the same time discover who uses the company’s Wi-Fi the most by sharing large format funny videos on company time.

Spying Facebook Messages – Illegitimate Reason.

Criminals will spy through peoples Facebook messages to steal important information from their mobile phone, personal information like phone numbers passwords, addresses, Automated teller machine pins, bank account details etc., if you make Facebook messenger your default messaging app.

Now, how can you spy on Facebook messages of a friend or loved ones?

1. Use spy apps

Spyware applications like Flexispy and Hoverwatch are specially made to allow anyone to spy on peoples activities on the internet or on their computers. You can use Flexispy to catch your cheating partner or employees by spying through their text messages, WhatsApp chats, phone calls etc. (See the demo). Of course, the app also enables you to see someones private messages on Facebook even the time and date the conversations were made; the name and profiles of the people your friend has been chatting with on Facebook. It will help you see exchanged videos, pictures and voice notes as well. Most Facebook spy tools like Flexispy will give you a real-time update of activities in Facebook as well as save the records in a cache. All and more without touching or needing their computer or mobile phone in order to spy on Facebook messages of your friends.

Use apps to spy Facebook messages

According to Thetruth.com, some Facebook spy apps that have been highly recommended this year include The Truth Spy, XnSpy, Flexispy, GuestSpy, Mobistealth, Spyera, Highster Mobile, MobileSpy, Phonesheriff, Spy phone tap.

So now I have told you why you can and how to spy Facebook messages of your close friends. I would also go ahead to tell you why you shouldn’t spy.

2. Use their computer

Alternatively, you can use their desktops while they are at work or any other place. So just go to your boyfriends browsing history look for the one that reads Facebook messenger click on it and enjoy yourself basking on your new discoveries, I hope you don’t find heartbreaking news. 😉

3. Reset their Facebook password

To do this you must be logged on your friends Facebook account on their mobile phone that is linked to the email or phone number that was used to open their Facebook account.

  • Log them out of Facebook
  • Click on “Reset password” and follow the instructions to reset their password and don’t forget to leave them logged on with the new password. Viola! Now you have their Facebook passwords and you can open your friend’s Facebook messages on your own mobile phone or computer. Reset their Facebook password

Now here is my warning, use your new opportunity fast because as soon as they log out, they might reset their passwords again once they can’t log in to their account because you changed their password. So you’ve got to do your spying QUICK.

4. Use a Keylogger

Using a keylogger doesn’t need much experience as long as you are tech-savvy. Install a keylogging software on their mobile phone or computer and this software records their keystrokes and send it to your email. You can then easily figure out their passwords and continue in your peeping Tom missions on your own mobile device

5. Try phishing

Using this technique to spy Facebook messages is not for the faint-hearted or amateur computer user unless you have lots of bucks to throw around. If you do you can engage the services of a professional phisher. The phisher creates a Facebook messenger clone and replaces it with the real Facebook messenger app. So whenever they type in the passwords or use the clone Facebook app, you can monitor what they are doing. However, this is the most difficult method to read your boyfriend’s Facebook messages as it involves lots of software codes and an extensive knowledge of programs or lots of crispy Dollar bills.

6. Use their smartphone

spy Facebook messages via their phone
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You can spy on your friends Facebook messages by simply using their smartphones when they are not looking or when they are not around you, Most people using the Facebook Messenger app on their mobile and do not bother to secure it with a password or Applock.

So just pick up your boyfriend or girlfriend’s phone, ask to use their calculator and boom!!!! Go to her Facebook messenger or Facebook app and read all you can.

You can even screengrab juicy parts and send to your mobile phone through her messenger, but don’t forget to delete every trail you leave.

Why should you not spy Facebook messages?

No one likes being snooped on. We all like our privacy, so if you don’t want to lose your friend or lose their trust and goodwill, ask them about any subject that you are not clear about first before you can decide to spy on their Facebook messages or not.

However, if you think your boyfriend is cheating on you and you got no other choice then to spy on your boyfriend’s Facebook messages but go ahead but do not get caught, wipe all trails!.

Parents and guardians have all legal and moral rights and responsibility to make sure that their children or wards are hanging out with the right people on the internet, having safe conversations and surfing sites that are not harmful to them.

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If you always chat on Facebook Messenger while at work, be careful. Your HR might be having a field day spying on your private messages on Facebook. Save your job today and don’t get nicked. Do not play on company time.

So tell us in the comment box below how you have been spying on your boyfriends/girlfriends Facebook messages or have been spied on and how much this guide has helped you.

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