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15 Outstanding Spy Gadgets for Kids

Firstly, kids are always curious and eager to know about new things. Their minds wander and imagine new things. They have so many options in their minds. In fact, They imagine flying an airplane, flying the drone to capture birds, etc or they could even imagine themselves using the telescope to view distant objects far from their homes. This incessant curiosity makes them want to spy things around them. Hence, I decided to compile a list of spy gadgets you can get for your kids.

Therefore, do you wish to surprise your kids with some cool items? If yes, then getting them a spy gadget would make them very happy and excited. Notably, spy gadgets for kids has so many benefits. It makes the spy games more interesting and complex for them. More so, it boosts the growing-up experiences of the child by making them think bigger and better.

Therefore, in this article, we will highlight the top 15 outstanding spy gadgets for kids.

15 Outstanding Spy Gadgets for kids

  1. Video Walkie Talkies

This item has a dual function as a Spy listening and watching device. It provides a 2-way audio and video communication. It provides communication and connection range of about 160 feet. Its workability is highly simplified. By pressing one single button, the kids can communicate with other agents. It is also used as a hidden camera. Therefore, a user will place one of the Walkie talkies in a secret place and he presses the activation button of the second walkie. After doing this, the first camera can then capture the hidden live feed surveillance of things viewed. Hence, it is recommended for kids of 3 years and above and it requires a 6AAA batteries.

  1. Spy Gear Mission Extreme Set

Spy Gear Mission Extreme Set pics

This is a complete set for spy mission. This consist of a wrist blaster for quickly firing the finger activated. It has a Night Spyer for viewing things in the dark with a view range of about 25 feets. It has a 2x magnification lens. The motion watch helps to monitor anyone that is walking close. Meanwhile, they use the pen blaster for writing and sending messages. This kids spy gadgets is recommended for kids of 6 to 8 years old.

  1. Wild Batman Night Googles

This kids spy gadgets is easy to use. It is recommended for kids that love Batman stories. You can view things clearly at night with the LED light and since it is tied to the forehead, the child operates it in a hands-free mode. They can view things closer with the 2x magnification lens. Manufacturers recommend that these spy gadgets be used by kids of 6 years to 8 years of age and it requires a 3 AAA batteries.

4. Child Spy Gear Watch

This is indeed one of the best kids spy gadgets especially for kids of 6 to 8 years old. It is easy to operate and kids love to play with this spy watch. The Spy watch allows the completion of missions within the prescribed time frame. The kids can spy and decode secret messages with the use of the secret spy paper of the watch. It has a built-in motion sensor alarm which assists in the detection of intruders.

  1. Lite Hand

The lite hand is an amazing kids spy gadget. It will make the hands to look like lightning hands and children like to make use of this gadget in the night. The hand firmly holds the electronic strap and allows the hands-free to do other jobs. It is a light hand gadget with 4 bright LEDs and it is recommended for kids of 6 years and above.

6. Binocular for kids

This kids spy gadget is suitable for use by both boys and girls. It has a compass which gives direction for the kids and the straps are adjustable so the child can customize it to their needs. It is very suitable for outdoor activities and one of the best birthday gifts to present to your kids.

7. Orbiter electronics Spy listening device

A user can use this kids spy gadget for eavesdropping and listening to conversations. Kids can efficiently listen to conversations from targets who are 300 feet away without arousing suspicion. The design is very stylish. However, do not take this gadget so seriously as it only works for a very small range. This is certainly one of the best kids spy gadgets.

8. Field Agent Spy Pen

Spy Gadgets for kids - Field Agent Spy Pen

The field agent spy pen is one of the most amazing spy items for kids. With it, you can write notes and record conversations. Though the range at which it records is very small, but it provides a playback for voice conversations. Users use this to signal friendly agents. You can use it to transcribe of audio recordings.

9. Utility belt with Micro Spy Tools

The utility belt is one of the sophisticated spy items for kids who wish to imitate their favorite spy agents. You can strap and wound this around the waist for holding important spy items. They can catch fun with it and it can withstand high tension. Its suitable for use by kids of 4 years and above.

10. SpyX Digital Recon Watch

It provides the kids with the ability to track and locate suspicious agents with great precision. Additionally, it has a face decoder which very essential for every spy kid.

11. Micro voice Disguise

Spy Gadgets for kids - Micro Voice Disguise

This is one of the needables of every spy kid. They give the kids the fun and entertainment. It captures sounds and then relays such sounds in a twisted manner such that it is difficult for one to identify the source of the sound.

12. Sonic Detractors

Spy Gadgets for kids - Sonic Detractors

This spy kids gadgets was easily made for fun. You can use it to track sounds emitted distracters because it makes use of the sonic wave technology to divert enemy agents. This is indeed one of the best kids spy gadgets. However, one shouldn’t use this for a serious spy job.

13. Spektiv Monocular Telescope

This device is portable for use outdoors and you can use it to focus on far and near items. More so, it is very perfect for spy kids and is suitable for use as gifts for kids that love imitating their favorite movies spies.

14. Secret Coin Safe

Spy Gadgets for kids - Secret Coin SafeIt allows the kids to safe and secure their money efficiently. This is the best gift to present to kids that loves saving their items and it is suitable for kids of more than 6 years.

15. Disappearing Ink Pen

Spy Gadgets for kids -Disappearing ink pen

Lastly, this is one of the best items in the kids’ spy items kitty. It allows the child to write secret messages. Messages written with this pen disappears when the ink dries and makes the child message to become secret. Hence, a person can only view the message with a shiny light of the pen.


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