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Stanbic IBTC Customer Care Service

stanbic ibtc bank customer care
Written by Chidera

Learn more about the Stanbic IBTC Bank customer care service in very simple steps by reading this article.

stanbic ibtc bank customer care

Stanbic IBTC Customer Care Service

Stanbic IBTC Bank is one of the major banks in Nigeria that assures you of innovative services geared towards giving you satisfaction. For every organization that ever exists, feedback is highly important. This is why Stanbic IBTC Bank has provided beautiful places where you can send complaints and inquiries about almost anything you wish to know about the bank. This platforms service as a communication link between the bank and its customers.

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The most awesome thing about this services is that you can access them from your comfort zone by any mobile device you wish to use (laptop, desktop, smartphone etc). Do read on to learn more about this services.

Stanbic IBTC Customer Care Service – Benefits/Features

There are so many services that you can get done via the Stanbic Bank Customer care agents. All you need do is to be very precise and concise about what you need done. Some of the services that can be rectified or inquired upon through this service include:

  • BVN  problems: All BVN related issues including checking for your BVN number can be addressed via the Stanbic IBTC Bank customer care support department.
  • Debit/Credit card issues: You can  access all issues concerning your credit/Debit card such as; Debit/Credit card activation, blocking and deactivation issues
  • Account lnquiries: Account related issues such as; Account reactivation, Statement of Account request can be accessed through this customer care platform.
  • Stanbic IBTC Bank products and Services: You can also inquire on the different products and services held by the Stanbic IBTC Bank.
  • Miscellaneous:Inquiry on other Stanbic IBTC Bank platforms including other non-banking related issues such as insurance packages via this platform.

How to Contact Stanbic IBTC Bank Customer Care Agents

There are numerous efficient ways to contact the Stanbic IBTC customer care help desk. You can acess your 24 /7 anytime, anywhere.

All you need do is to ensure that your issues are stated as concisely as possible to enable prompt addressing of all your issues.

1. Contacting the Customer care Service desk via phone

You can call the Stanbic iBTC customer care via the following numbers:

  • 0700 2255 782 6242
  • 234 1270 9676

2. Contacting the Customer care Service desk via email

You can also send an email to Stanbic IBTC Bank customer supports containing a detailed description of your complaint to this email:

Note: For any type of fraudulent activity done on your account; contact the help desk using this email:

3. Contacting the Customer care Service desk via Social Media platforms

You can also send a feedback on any of the services provided by Stanbic IBTC through its social media platforms:

  • Using Facebook: Place a post on their Facebook page
  • Through Twitter: You can also send a tweet on your concerns to the Stanbic Bank Twitter page.

The Stanbic IBTC Bank customer care service is an awesome and efficient feedback platform. do take advantage of it and stop those long walks to the bank each time you have issues or enquiries to make.

Since we love hearing from you, do contact us with information on your experiences by placing a comment below.

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  • I would loved to be having notification on my account via-email for any transaction on my account. How can i go about this

  • Please kindly help me with my bank statement I have been trying to check with my phone for the past two days am not getting it, I made a transaction with pos they double charged me my name is Hannatu Joseph my account number is 0********4

  • Hello please i kindly wish you help i tried to open Internet account but told me that to contact customer care because my Internet banking account has been blockout. My name is muhammed jamiu wahab account nomber 0********7

  • HI
    I tried recharging my phone 2ru my mobile banking app and i got debited without being credited with airtime and this is not d 1st time dis is happening.
    this is real frustrating u guys should pls resolve dis and revesrse my money.I TRIED CALLING UR CUSTOMER SERVICES BUT NO RESPONSE
    I will like to get a call back so that this issue will be resolved once..

    • I understand your plight, Onyiye. Unfortunately, leaving your complaints here won’t resolve any issue. Kindly contact them directly using the information on this page.

      Good luck!

  • Sir/Ma good day I was debited #15,000 on 6th dec. by 3:03 pm but was not paid, I filled form with my branch still no return. Please help me out.

  • pls, ihave a problems with your Bank, iam your customer for over eight years but iam not iam not satisfied with your service, Reason is that,you gave me seven hundred and thirty thousand Naira only #730.000k,for the Duration of 48 months you are Deducting me #38.000, each month but, instead of 4years you contenous Deducting me for morethan 5years, so, i Needs to know in which month Did i stop paying my Loan,that is what iwant to know from you now my A/C No, is 0010034429, Current A/C, A/C Name is ISMAILA ALIYU

  • Good day , please I want to have a soft copy of my statements of account, but the lady I met at the desk in your branch at Abesan gate branch told me it cannot be possible . is that true ?

  • I bought something at shoprite on December 27 last year at ring road at ibadan oyo state i use POS to paid but dey deducted my money like three times on I report to one bank at ibadan dey told me dey will return d money 8working days but now dey refuse to return the money back dis is my bank account number 0029180333

  • Hello i made a transfer of one hundred thousand naira on 3/02/19 from my stanbic Bank account to my Gtbank account and i was debited but was never credited. i have made several complains but still no update. please assist


  • Somebody is calling me from enterprise banking unit with this Number 14220003 for purpose of downloading Stanbic mobile app. I wanted to confirm whether he is an authentic staff of Stanbic IBTC bank. Thank you.

  • I was debited #1,500 on 14/02/2019 when i used a pos terminal. I did not receive the money cause the pos read trancation error and money money has not been revesed

  • Good morning, I was trying to collect #5000 through POS machine with my stanbic ATM card around ojo oba area of Owo, ondo state yesterday. The transaction was declined but #5000 was eventually deduced from my account. My account. Pls return the money. My account number is 0016122375

  • Goodafternoon,pls i have a pension scheme with you, but my salary account is being paid to fidelity bank.i want to know if I can get a loan from you.

  • Good day sir /ma, my name is Mr Sunday Udeh c. Pls I would like bank to change some methods of banking system which is telling customers that wants to do transfer to be on line with people that come with cash . Pls in other bank the system is different in which you have the transfer section different from the cash depositors . You could imagine someone came into the bank for transfer only and after feeling the form he still spent up to 2 hours. It was quite unfortunately seconstances . Pls this happened in Iwo road branch and the service is very slow Pls I u to act to this report for a better service to you customers pls I urge you guys to employ morning workers Thanks Mr Udeh Sunday

  • I transfer money to first bank account on 1 may, 2019 by 5:44am but up to now that money has not drop

  • Isah saba Mohammed say I have problem in my account since last 2 week I go and wethdram money at pos den debit me with out pay me I fill d form ,up to now den not revive my money to me

  • hello, please i used one of your atm machines and it short paid me. i’ve never in my life experienced that, please i need my money back or i’ll take you guys to social media especially that branch, because people who met me reacting said that machine usually do that. i hope your people are not programming fraud on your machines, because i must get to the end of this!!!

  • I have access the EZ loan and I want access more since I was told I can access up to four million naira, but I have only Access 270k and want to access another one to make up the amount am interested to collect but is not going through, what could be the cause of it?

  • I send 5100 from gtb account 0461571230 to my stanbicaccount 0013553958 on 18-10-2020 time 07:01:25 pm till now am not see it in my stanbic acount and they not reverse it back to my gtb account

  • My Salary was paid by my boss but I haven’t seen the money in my acct I’ve gone to the bank to make enquiries but yet they said no money is in it… Please get back to me ASAP..

  • I came to your bank on Friday to open a normal account and all necessary information and cash was receveid , tell me I will receive sms stating my account number since then I haven’t received any sms / account number. Your bank gave me bad impressions

  • Gud afternoon, pls i have been trying to get a loan for EZ cash loan but they keep on telling me that i have a credit report, which i do have and i went to my second bank and I collected letter of non indebted and I have send it to my stanbic bank and any time i request for the loan they will say credit report, pls me I need this loan thanks

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