Standard Chartered Online banking procedures

In this guide, you’re going to learn how to start Standard Chartered online banking process and how to log in and start your internet transactions with ease.

Do you wish to learn more about the Standard Chartered Online banking process in Nigeria and how the bank operates on the internet? Please read on. Standard Chartered Bank of Nigeria is actually an old bank. It has been in Nigeria since 1999 (first in 1965). The bank has well over 40 branches and ATM’s in major cities in the country.  Standard Chartered Bank was originally in South Africa but today, it has branches all over West and South Africa.

The standard bank like many other banks in the country also offers an internet banking platform where you can do all your internet transactions with ease. You can also open a bank account online with the Standard Chartered Bank. It is quite easy, just follow the steps below.

How to start banking with Standard bank

Do you wish to bank with Standard bank, Go to this page and fill out the online registration information, including the type of account you wish to open.

Standard Chartered Bank internet banking

A form will be sent to the email provided on your application, fill and submit it to get started. To activate your account and procure your Standard Chartered credit card, you will need to visit any branch of standard bank closest to you to do so.

How to start internet banking with Standard bank

There are two ways to start the Standard Chartered online banking. You can either register at a branch of the Standard Bank or you can do so online using your Standard Chartered credit card. Here are the procedures for any way you choose to go about it.

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How to Register at a branch of Standard Bank for internet banking

  • Go to any branch of  Standard bank closest to you and request for the internet banking form
  • Fill out the information on the form and submit
  • After two days, a  temporary login ID will be sent to your email while a temporary password will be sent to your phone number
  • Go to
  • Click on the internet banking Login button
  • On the internet banking page, click to Register using your Temporary ID and PIN
  • Agree to Terms and Conditions, then Complete your Registration
  • Next, Login to your account and personalize your account (change your ID and password) Standard chartered online banking

Standard Chartered Online Banking Registration Process

  • Go to
  • Click on the Internet banking button.
  • On the internet banking page, click Register with your Standard Chartered credit card
  • Agree to the terms and conditions
  • Select the type of Standard bank ATM card you use
  • Fill out the information including your ATM card details and ATM card PIN
  •  Enter your phone number and click to verify
  • A code will be sent to your phone number, enter the code on the page
  • Create a temporary Login ID and password
  • Complete your Registration
  • Login to your account and personalize your account (change your login ID and password)

How to change your Login password

  • Login to your Standard Chartered Internet Banking account
  • Click on the name on your ID to bring out a list of options
  • Scroll to select “change password”
  • Input your old password
  • Enter your new password and reenter it to confirm.

What do you require to start online banking with Standard bank

  • You must own an account with the Bank
  • An up to date browser is required to prevent malicious hacking of your account
  • You must own an ATM card as it  is required for all transactions.


Standard chartered bank is a reliable bank for all your Personal and corporate banking needs. There are so many awesome packages with the bank.

If you have more questions on how the bank operates, post a comment below, lets talk about it.

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