How to Start a Blogging Business

How to start a blog business
Written by Abe Cherian

This is a brand new year. A year filled with opportunities for people that want to make money online. From my analysis, most graduates are always looking for a job or better jobs as the case may be. When there are numerous opportunities online to make money especially in the blogging business.

Though, a lot of people have been nursing the idea of starting a blog for years but never took it seriously.

There are various ways to make money online these days but in this articles, I’m going to share the great, hidden potentials in the blogging business. Do you know that as a blogger, you can make money while sleeping? Well, that’s really true. Now, do you also know that bloggers make more money than most full-time bankers? Really? Yes! There’s no doubt about that and that’s exactly what I am going to teach you today.

Before we move on, I want to quickly explain the following terms.

What is a blog?

A blog is a type of website hosted online where you as a blogger share ideas, tutorials, opinions or useful contents regularly for other people to use. Linda Ikeji’s blog is a perfect example of a blog.Starting a blog business

Who is a blogger?

A blogger is someone who owns and run a blog or someone who shares useful contents on a blog. If you have a blog, you will have to constantly write and publish articles on the blog for it to grow.who is a blogger?Read: How to Start a Blog from Scratch

How Blogs Generate Money

One of the most common ways to make money through a blog is by placing adverts on your blog. I guess you have visited several blogs in the past and you see different adverts popping out and you were wondering how it came about. There are actually Ad networks that handle those adverts for the bloggers. Among them, we have Google AdSense, Chitika etc.How to start a blog business

Aside from those ad networks, you can also make money from your blog through Affiliate marketing. This has to do with promoting company’s products on your blog by sharing your referral links. Once any of your blog visitors buy a product through your link, you’ll get a commission. For instance, if a product you are promoting on your blog cost $20 and for each referral, you’ll earn 50% commission which will be $10 per sale. Then you marketed the products on the blog to your visitors and 5 decided to buy; your commission will be $10 X 15(sales) = $150 (Commission). You can be making this sum of money on a daily basis if enough traffic comes to the blog.

How to Start Blogging Business

how-to-start-blog-a-bloggingHaving analyzed the great benefits of being a blogger, you can now see that there is a lot of potentials in blogging generally. Now, how can someone start a blog business? It is quite easy to start a blog that generates money.  Everything you need to start this blogging business has been listed here.

  1. Choose a blogging niche (eg Fashion, Tech, News, Health & Fitness) etc.
  2. Register a domain name (You can do that on Namecheap)
  3. Get a good hosting plan  (Get a hosting plan from Bluehost)
  4. Install a good blogging software on your server (WordPress is recommended) and start blogging once you have customized it to your taste.

If you find it difficult to create, then you can get in touch with Blog Developers to help you set it up for a token.

You can see that starting a blog as a business is not as difficult as think especially when you have the right information needed to get started.

Do you have a question concerning this guide? Please post it in the comment box below let’s talk about it.

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