10 Popular Websites For Trading Stocks (For Beginners)

Written by Abe Cherian

This is the list of stock trading websites in Canada, India, UK, Australia, USA etc. If you have been searching for the best stock trading site for beginners, then read carefully for the full details.

Are you an active investor looking for best stock trading websites to invest on and make good commission? Here is our list of the most popular and best trading website around the world.

10 best stock trading websites

10 Best Stock Trading Websites For Beginners.

1. Charles Schwab:

Charles Schwab is one of the best stock trading websites that provides great value for money. Their services include virtual trading and free money transfer. You will get a bonus of $100 when you open a new account. Charles Schwab stock trading websites

They are one of the best lowest cost online brokers offering trading commissions of $4.95. Schwab also offers some of the lowest fee ratios for index funds and ETFs, and it does not have mutual funds that carry loads, or initial sales charges. Visit Charles Schwab website:

2. E*Trade Financial:

E*Trade Financial top on the trading tools coming at a considerable pricing. The stock trading has companies in Canada, Mexico, Asia, Europe and South Africa. With more than 3,000 employees worldwide. One of their advantages is that they gave an opportunity to grow internally in an organization. And an opportunity for Overtime. To visit their website, go here:

3 Vanguard:

Vanguard asset hits about $3 trillion which is among the largest mutual trading around the world. You will get research tools and Educational materials from this company. Vanguard’s mutual funds are not just low cost but they’re significantly less expensive than the industry average. stock trading website

Vanguard’s minimum expense ratio is 0.12%, and the typical equity mutual fund carries an expense ratio of 0.57% making it one the best for those who need low-cost investment and also to Index fund and ETF investors. Here’s Vanguard stock trading website:

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4. Fidelity Investments:

When it comes to customer service and research give it to them. The Fidelity Investments features a broad variety of product offering and their offer has good value for money.

Fidelity Investments is easy to use with great features including fantastic charting. In addition, Fidelity’s patented Trade Armor integrates trading workflow with drag and drop order and alert entry with a chart. Here is Fidelity Investment website:

5. Options Xpress:

Options Xpress will start by offering you $100 bonus when you create a new account and they also offer virtual training, broker-assisted training and instructor-led investment courses free of charge.

OptionsXpress also offers what they call Walk Limit to prevent adjusting limit orders as they sit live, which will walk your order to try to get the most favourable price within the National Best Bid or Offer (NBBO). Their platform is accessible with a desktop and you can also access their website version on PC if you don’t want the desktop version. Options Xpress website:

6. OptionsHouse:

The OptionsHouse comes with a rich data research tools and their site navigation is users friendly. The OptionsHouse low-cost commission starts from $4.95 a trade for stocks and options while the trade opening account is free.

One of the great tools on OptionsHouse is strategySEEK, which helps investors scan live market data for options strategies based on specific criteria. The tool can also help to turn up a list of matches, allowing you to quickly create an order, using strategySEEK to analyze the trade within the ticket. OptionsHouse stock trading websites:

7. TD Ameritrade:

TD Ameritrade is another big trading company that offers stock trade at 9.99 plus 75 cents per contract. There is no minimum balance requirement and they offer the best information and trading tools. As a new investor, you can trade for free for 90 days and received credits up to $600. TD Ameritrade website:

8. Firstrade:

Firstrade requires no minimum account balance for investor and they offer 10,000 mutual funds, stocks, options and no-fee IRAs. Personal trade starts at 6.95 each for stocks and $6.95 plus 75 cents per contract. FirstTrade stock trading websites:

9. Lightspeed Trading:

Lightspeed Trading allow trading to open different account including Roth and traditional IRAs, futures, and options for an individual or joint traders. Beginner’s that are still learning are allowed to practice on a free account, and an online community offers encouragement and assistance. stock trading websites

There is also automated trading and direct access to exchanges. The disadvantages are that it requires minimum account balance of $5,000 to avoid a monthly $25 fee, there are no mutual funds and the website is not accessible on a mobile phone. This is Lightspeed stock trading site:

10. Scottrade:

Scottrade is one of the best trading platforms that offer an excellent user experience, reasonable trade fees, and a transparent fee schedule. This platform gives free information to help investors feel safe and have confidence that their money in safe hand.


Scottrade is mostly less expensive and it offers a massive selection of mutual funds, close to 14,000, so you will not have any trouble finding something that suits your portfolio mix. You can start a mutual fund with just $17 each. Scottrade has moved all their clients to TD Ameritrade and you can visit the platform here:

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