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How To Track A Stolen Phone With Emei, Gmail And App

Written by Abe Cherian

Have you been searching for a workable Stolen phone tracker system? Are you stressed about losing your phone or (more regrettable yet) having it stolen? Facilitate your feelings of dread and set up a phone tracking system before what you never imagined happen.

For you to track your phone fast, your phone ought to be associated with a Wi-Fi signal, however, GPS and versatile systems will still figure out how to pinpoint a genuinely precise area. You should likewise have a Google account for all tracking administrations accessible, regardless of whether they are built or downloaded.

The most effective method to find your phone using Google.
Stolen Phone Tracker

Most Android phones presently come with Find My Device (you can find this in Android Device Manager). This administration will consequently track your phone’s area, so in case your phone ever got stolen, you can bounce on your PC or a companion’s phone and locate its last known area. You can ring your phone if it’s close by and you have a clue, or potentially delete your phone if you fear it has been stolen.

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Stolen Phone Tracker – How to track your stolen phone.

The most essential thing you can do is ensure your phone is set up to be found before it disappears. Else, you’re on your own.

Step by step instructions to enable Find My Device on your phone.

The Find My Device is now found helpfully in your Settings application, if you can’t discover it you can simply download Find My Device from the Google Play Store. This finding administration has basically amalgamated with Google to make finding your phone less demanding. There are only several things you’ll have to initiate.

  • Go to Settings.
  • Tap Settings, tap Security, tap Device Administration
  • Tap Find My Device so that a checkmark shows up in the checkbox.
  • Tap the left button again in the upper left corner to come back to the primary Settings menu.
  • Tap the left button in the upper left corner of your screen.
  • Tap Find My Device, tap an upper left button, tap top left button once more
  • Tap Location in the Settings menu.
  • Tap the switch close to Location at the highest point of the screen with the goal that it turns on.
  • Tap Location, tap the switch close to Location, so it turns on, tap Mode
  • Tap the switch so the circle is turned on.
  • Tap the back-back in the upper left corner.
  • Tap Google Location History.
  • Tap High high accuracy, tap an upper left button, tap Google Location History
  • Tap the switch underneath Location History so it turns on.
  • Tap the switch adjacent to your gadget so it turns on.
  • Flip on and ensure the setting is flipped on
  • If you happen to lose your phone, you can find its whereabouts by signing into your Google account from any PC or even from another phone.
  • Go to an internet browser from a phone, tablet, or PC.
  • Move to Google landing page.
  • Tab discover my phone android in the Google look bar.
  • Tap on Find My Device (as a rule the main choice in the pursuit).
  • Enter your email address and secret pin/password similarly just as you were browsing your email.
  • At the point when your phone is found, you have three choices to choose
  • You can Ring your phone so that it makes commotion (regardless of whether you had it on quiet). This component is useful if the guide shows that the phone is inside earshot and you can’t see it.
  • You can Lock your phone so the finder can’t get to your home screen. This option is most useful if your phone wasn’t beforehand secured with a password or a unique mark sensor.
  • You can Erase your phone. This is the best alternative if you are not sure, you are going to recover your phone.
    Ring, lock, or formate phone when found

On the other hand, if you are endeavouring to find your phone with Find My Device and it doesn’t appear to work, it is most likely that your phone isn’t right now associated with Wi-Fi or connected to any data. In this situation, it’s critical to continue attempting; the minute your phone makes a connection, it will show up on the map.

Third Party Apps.

Other than the Android Device Manager, you can likewise introduce other phone tracking application on your phone before you lose it. Like the Android Device Manager, a large portion of these third applications can enable you to find, lock and format information on your phone, nonetheless, they also accompany some other friendly user interface that can influence your phone to look less demanding. Cerberus anti-theft, Family Locator, and Lost Android are some of the best stolen phone tracker applications with cool features.

IMEI number.

If your phone was stolen and the finder turned it off or format it, it might be difficult to find your phone through the above methods. Your best alternative to finding your lost phone is through its IMEI number (International Mobile Equipment Identity) and you may require the assistance of your system administrator and the law authorization offices to complete this.

You can likewise track your IMEI number through a database of lost and stolen phone. PC town propelled a brought together database for this a couple of months prior. You can discover your IMEI number on your phone pack, behind its battery or just dial *#06#.

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