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10 Best Stud Finder App (Android And iOS)

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Have you ever lost rings, keys, earrings or other valuables and tried to find them but couldn’t? A Stud finder app could help you in such cases. If you are like me finding those personal things can be difficult and cause psychological trauma for you. But, do you know that there are apps that are designed to solve such problems?stud finder app

This post will discuss 10 best stud finder apps for Android or iOS created for your use. They have different functions, features, and abilities. Let us analyze them now so that you can make a choice.

  1. Metal detector

stud finder appsMetal Detector is one amazing app for finding your studs in a remarkable way. This app is only available for iOS devices free. It has sensitivity settings that will enable you to find your missing items quick. The app also serves as an Electro Magnetic Field meter on your device if you ever come across it.

  1. Metal detector

metal detectorA lot of these amazing apps share similarities in their names and functions. For example, these first two in this article of stud finder apps are available for iOS users. This app allows you to detect metals, earrings and anything you value. This app contains a feature that uses the in-built magnetometer/compass of the device, that allows it to detect metals better.

  1. Toolbox

toolboxToolbox is one of the other amazing and useful apps for detecting things you want to find.. Also, Toolbox helps you search and identify things you want to find like watches, rings, keys and more. The app is a multi-functional measuring app that allows you to measure multiple options on the app. It is available for iOS devices only.

  1. Metal Detector

stud finder appsMetal Detector like the other two apps mentioned in earlier sharing the same name, has functions to help search for things you either misplace or are searching for. It is a great app to use and easy to get on Android.  Also, this app uses the magnetometer in your device to enable you to find your studs easier and faster.

  1. Metal Detector EMF

metal detector emfMetal Detector EMF is another stud finder app with incredible features that enable you to find your studs easily on your iOS devices. This app is able to measure magnetic field value with the help of a magnetic sensor from your device. It is this magnetic fields value that allows it to search for studs around efficiently. Also, this app helps you to find studs and any other metallic objects around that are either hidden or have been misplaced.

  1. All tools

stud finder apps All tools app serves you very well. Furthermore, it has awesome qualities and features. You can get it for your Android devices. This app has its own special functions and features that work according to your preference. All Tools is a utility app that has various things it can do for you when you are searching for things. It features include a walkie talkie, flashlight, EMF, Converter, sound intensity, night version, magnifier, internet speed, and more. Get one today.

  1. Stud Find

stud find

This is truly an amazing stud finder app to use every day if you an opportunity to do so. It has so many wonderful and useful tools on it that work perfectly. This app is easy to use and it is available on your iOS devices. Also, you can measure its strength. Furthermore, it uses an in-built magnetometer to measure the magnetic field value. This can help you in any search for metal objects.

  1. Real Metal detector with Sound

real metal detector with soundReal Metal Detector with Sound is an app that merits being among the best stud finder apps. This app is available for Android devices. It is exciting to use this app because it offers you a lot from strength in the magnetic field to other things. It also has its own features as listed from settings for alarm limits, for beep and vibration, to sensor and indicators for your convenient use.

  1. Wall Stud Finder

wall stud finderWall Stud Finder is another app that is easy to use and allows you to find studs conveniently like all the other stud finder apps in this article. Some of its features are similar to those in other apps while some also differ. Its great features include an automatic sensor check, stability indicator, toggle-able detection beeper and more. Get this app for your iOS device.

  1. Metal Detector

 stud finder appsMetal Detector app shares its name with other stud finder apps in this article but that does not mean they share all the features and functions. This app is wonderful as it is interesting to use. Also, it is one of the best stud finder apps you can find out there today. This app uses magnetic sensors to find the metals around you with any of your Android devices.


This post bought you 10 stud finder app for Android or iOS having different functions, features, and abilities. What all these apps have in common is that they help you to find valuables without trouble. Free yourself from the burden, psychological torture, and time wasted looking for personal valuables when you can rely on an app. Download yours today.

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