Top 10 Tattoo Design Apps for Android and iOS

A lot of people in the world get a tattoo nowadays on parts of their body. Some people put it on all parts of their body. Also, the population of people that get tattoo each day keep growing. It is estimamted that one-third of the world population, have tattoos and they love it. So, if you would love to get one yourself, there are multiple designs you can select from. Furthermore, there are apps created to enable you to do the design and more. So, below I will be listing 10 of the best tattoo design apps for you to use on your Android or iOS devices.

Tattoo Design Apps

Top 10 Tattoo Design Apps for Android and iOS

  1. HoloTats

Tattoo Design Apps-HoloTatsThis is one of the best tattoo design apps as it is the first to be presented in this article. The app is free and easy to use anyhow you want. It has a lot of features.Also, it gives you a cutting edge technology that allows you to watch on video as these temporary tattoos get into work. The app also enables you to share whatever you select easily with your friends and family on your Android or iOS.

  1. Fab Tatto Design Studio

Tattoo Design Apps-Fab Tatto Design StudioFab Tatto Design Studio is another app that you can use and is part of the tattoo design apps that were developed by Games2win. That app has a lot of features you would love, one, in particular, is allowing you to create your own fun tattoos. Just like that, it provides you with a lot of other functions on your iOS devices.

  1. Tattoo Stencil

Tattoo Design Apps-Tattoo StencilTattoo stencil is another app that you can use quite well as the rest of the other apps liste here. This app is available for download for both Android and iOS users. Also, the app was developed by Pony Lawson. However, it is not free.You have to pay for its content before you can use it.


Tattoo Design Apps-INKHUNTERINKHUNTER is another app that you would like to use and also provides you with the best designs you would want. The app has a collection of free tattoos that you can access easily on either your Android or iOS device. The app also has another feature that enables you to add and edit your image, while you add a tattoo to it.

  1. Skin Motion

Skin MotionSkin Motion is one of the other tattoo design apps that is quite popular. The app is also good as it does a lot of you. The app allows you to create the best tattoo you can so that you can easily add it to your image. You can get the app also, easily on your Android or iOS.

  1. Tattoodo

TattoodoTattoodo is one of the other amazing apps that you would love to use on your Android and iOS devices also. The app is one of the worlds largest tattoo community with an amazing collection of tattoos that you can easily select from. The app offers you one other feature that allows you to share your own tattoo with people around you, your friends or your family.

  1. Inkstinct

InkstinctInkstinct is one other app that enables you to do a lot also, as one of the tattoo design apps. It comes with a lot of features that you can use also. The app is a good app that allows you to learn how to make a tattoo just in case you want to become a tattoo artist. You can easily do this on your iOS devices.

  1. Tattoo planet

Tattoo planetTattoo planet is a good app to also get on your Android and iOS devices that enable you to do a lot. The app like the other apps in this article provides you with features of its own. Like allowing you to locate and easily connect with local tattoo shops around you. The app also has a reminder for you to use to remind you of upcoming appointments.

  1. Tattoo maker virtual artist

Tattoo maker virtual artistTattoo maker virtual artist is one of the tattoo design apps that you can use quite well. The app is free for users of Android and iOS. Also it comes with a very wide collection of tattoo designs that you can use. The app also provides your designs in high resolution and allows you to save them in your gallery.

  1. Beach girls tattoo artiste

Beach girls tattoo artisteBeach girls tattoo artist is the last app in this article as it provides you with a lot also that you can use on your Android and iOS devices. As the name implies, the tattoos are mostly for girls to use and select from. Also, it has a lot of tattoo with unique styles and more.


These apps provide you with all you need to know about a tattoo and also how to get one. As they are the best tattoo design apps you can use and get on either your Android or iOS devices.

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