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Download Taxify Driver App – Android, iPhone And Blackberry

Are you a driver with the Taxify e-hailing and e-transport company? Do you wish to learn how to effectively download Taxify Driver app? Do read on.

Taxify Driver App Download

Taxify is a hailing transport company that allows connection between drivers and potential clients easily. As a driver with Taxify, you are able to access clients at all hours only with the use of an app,  you don’t need to go scouting for clients.  Read on to learn more about the Taxify driver app. The following are the requirements for accessing the Taxify mobile application.

  • Smartphone or tablet with minimum Android 4.1 or iOS 8.0
  • You must have access to the internet (minimum 3G)
  • Carphone charger as your battery must be efficient at all hour
  • You must have successfully completed the registration and been accepted as a Taxify Driver

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How to activate the Taxify Driver app

  • Log in using your online username and password that you used when registering on the portal
  • This password and ID becomes automatically  stored in after the first login
  • Navigate the home button and click “Go online”
  • You are also required to choose a working radius,  this gives a fair idea of the areas you can cover in a day.
Taxify  Driver app
Taxify Driver App Homepage

How to accept orders on Taxify  Driver app

Once you are online, if a client orders a ride, you will receive notification of this order.  you are required to accept the order within a period of 20minutes. To do this, select the expected time to reach the client and click on “accept ride“.

Please note: Your location must be visible at all times, enable this from your smart device and remember to click “GO OFFLINE” when you wish to stop receiving orders for the day.

After accepting the ride

Once you are in the vicinity of your client.  click  “arriving now” and you are required to wait for at most 5 minutes, if your client doesn’t arrive at the designated meeting point within that time you can cancel the trip.

Once your client arrives$, click on “START TRIP ” and at the end of the trip,  click on “END RIDE.

Taxify  Driver app
Taxify End trip

After the end of the trip.  the Taxify Driver app will automatically calculate the amount of fare the client will pay. The client should then choose the preferred way of payment: by credit card or card transfer.

After receiving payment, Rate your client and then the app will automatically reset to “awaiting ride orders”.

it is all so easy to use,  why not get started today.

Taxify  Driver app

The Taxify platform is a good way to earn more money with ease and comfort. As a driver, you will get lots of potential clients; all you require is to be dedicated and passionate while getting the job done.

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I do hope this guide works for you towards a success. If you have questions, kindly place a comment.

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