taxify nigeria

Taxify Nigeria: How it works

In this guide, you will learn everything about Taxify Nigeria. Have you heard about the new transport system called Taxify? Do you wish to understand how it works? well stick around, I will show you how you can tap into this wonderful new platform.

taxify nigeria
Taxify in Nigeria

Taxify is an Estonian international transportation network company, headquartered in Tallin, a city in Estonia. It has well over 20 countries within its customer base network across Europe, West Africa, Middle East and Central America. The company; Taxify was founded by Markus Villig, in 2013 who at the time was only 29 years old. Taxify was the first transportation app in the world and the second in Africa. Presently, it has well over 3 million customers.

taxify nigeria
Taxify Nigeria

How Taxify Works

You can access Taxify as long as you have an internet-enabled smartphone. This application is available for Android, iOS and Windows phone. As a client who wishes to use Taxify, all you need do is to download the Taxify Driver app from Play store if you are an Android user or download it from iOS Store for iPhone users.

  • You can request  a ride through the app
  • Once a driver accepts the trips, you can follow the drivers progress to your pickup location
  • As a customer, you can choose a payment method: credit card or mobile payment
  • Usage of the credit card payment method requires prior activation of this feature on your mobile app before service
  • You are also required to confirm your transaction after use.
  • After the trip, you can rate the driver using your app.

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How Safe is Taxify?

Taxify assures you of your safety as this is there watchword. This is ensured by a rigorous screening of all drivers for a criminal background check and in-person training. Also, drivers are required to be at least 21 years old and must have had a drivers license for about 3 years. Taxify does not look kindly to drunken drivers therefore, they place a strict ban on alcohol and drug abuse.

Taxify Nigeria Customer Terms and Conditions

  • When making credit or card payments, a service fee is added per each order of transportation service
  • All complaints and credit card resolutions should be sent via email to or by support line +37253541272
  • Cancellation of pre-orders (after a driver is en route to your location) must be done within 8 minutes of the order, if not you are required to pay a penalty fee of 2 Euro.
  • Your use of the Taxify app can be revoked if you cancel 3 services within a 24 hour period

Start Using:

The Taxify Nigeria app works perfectly in cities like Abuja and Lagos. While not get a hold of this service to rid yourself the stress of looking for a cab. The beautifully added advantage, it’s affordable and secure. if you need more insights, please place a comment below.

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