Taxify Requirements in Lagos, Nigeria

Taxify requirements in Lagos, Nigeria
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Learn more about how to be a driver partner with the Taxify e-hailing company in this simple steps I will show you. do read on.

taxify requirements in Lagos Nigeria

Taxify driver

Taxify is an e-hailing transport company in Nigeria, just like Uber.  The company bridges the gap between customers and drivers in a bid to create a platform where customers who wish to hail a cab can do so without stepping out of their comfort zone. It also ensures that drivers get as many customers as possible without having to waste anytime scouting for clients.

To become a driver with Taxify, you have to successfully pass all the Taxify requirements the company has put in place to achieve its recognition as the first and best e-hailing company in the world generally.

You can become a driver in Taxify if you have what it takes, do read on to find out more about the Taxify requirements for drivers.

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Signing up to become a Taxify driver

To begin your journey towards becoming a driver with Taxify, follow the steps below:

  • Sign up at this page
  • Fill in your personal details such as your bank account details, name, mobile phone number etc).
  •  You will receive an invitation asking you to be part of the Taxify on-boarding process.

Taxify requirements – Vehicle Inspection for Drivers

Taxify does not accept just any kind of vehicle, customer satisfaction is their watchword.  This why they carry out inspections of your vehicle before you can be accepted as a driver with Taxify. Visit the Auto Genius inspection centre, you are to come along with a sum of N2,000 to pay for the inspection process. You can also schedule a visit before going.

After the inspection, you will receive an inspection report via your email. Read the document carefully and keep it properly as it will be required in the near future.

Note: if you have a fleet of cars you wish to make available to drivers, go to this link to get started.

Conditions for Acceptance of Vehicles

As said before, not all vehicles are accepted in the Taxify network.  Sedans are the most popular vehicles accepted by the Taxify network. But the general requirements for all vehicles include:

  • Vehicle must be in working order
  • It must occupy about 4 passengers
  • Vehicle must be a 2003 model or newer
  • No Salvaged cars

Procedure for becoming a Taxify driver (the On-boarding process)

  • Ensure you have the following documents to get started
    1. Vehicle License
    2. Vehicle Inspection report
    3. Driving License as issued by any authentic agency
  • Potential drivers are to attend on-boarding sessions held at Taxify Nigeria office
  • This process will involve training and activation geared towards becoming a driver with Taxify.
  • This on-boarding session takes place at the Taxify Nigeria office at Taxify Training Office: 2nd Floor, Providence House, Admiralty Way Lekki Phase 1, Lagos, Nigeria.

Adding your Vehicle to your account

After a complete and successful registration, you will be required to add your vehicle to your account which you can do by following the steps below:

  • Download Taxify Driver app
  • Sign up and choose a vehicle in the driver app
  • Sign into your account on the online portal
  • Navigate the menu button to select the Vehicle option (you must have finished all other processes before doing this)
  • Click on “Add new vehicle
  • Input your car details
  • Click Next
  • Upload your vehicle documents (including, your Taxify Cover and Taxify Vehicle inspection report)
  • Confirmation is received within 6 hours

How to Switch between Vehicles

If you have more than one car and desire to switch between them, follow the steps below: Make sure that all vehicles used on the platforms have undergone and passed the inspection process.

  • Open the Taxify Driver app
  • Navigate to the Settings button and choose “active car”
  • On the drop-down menu, select the car again
  • These process may take some time to reflect on your app

Guidelines for the Taxify Driver:

Congratulations on becoming a Taxify driver, Each driver must adhere to the following instructions:

Before Trip Section:

  • Your vehicle must always be clean
  • You must set your highest driving radius, before any trip
  • Never reject any riding orders
  • Before you drive to a rider’s location for pickup, inform them about it
  • After getting a riding order, ensure you swipe to approve the order
  • You must have your smartphone charged at all hours.

During Trip Section:

  • Ensure to ask the rider for their personal details at the start of the trip
  • Relate to your clients in a polite and receptive manner
  • Endeavour to make your passenger comfortable by tuning the radio to their station of choice and keeping the air condition on.
  • Never attempt to pick personal calls during trips
  • Also, always request for your clients’ opinion before taking any route to the clients’ destination

After Trip Section:

  • Never overcharge your customers: always show them the amount via your Drivers app
  • Check every area in your vehicle to ensure your passenger left no personal items behind
  • Do not request ratings from your passenger (it is their choice)

The Taxify driving service is a good way to become a successful taxi driver in Nigeria, the good thing about it is that customers always locate you, you don’t have to source for them. Do take advantage of this and begin your path to financial freedom. If you have any questions, kindly place a comment below.

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