TeamViewer Free Trial Download (Windows/Mac)

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Download Teamviewer free trial version for your business or personal use. Also, you will learn how to use their platform. So, what is Teamviewer? Teamviewer started in 2005 as a cloud-based remote solution provider.

TeamViewer free trial

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With the help of their application and remote assistance, you can install a software, open a firewall, click and configure your computer. In addition, with Teamviewer help, you can connect to your workers and client’s computers safely anytime they need your help and, take over their desktop computer as if you were beside them in person, helping them to fix their problems.

TeamViewer Free Trial Download and Setup? 

This Tutorial will give you a guide on how to start using the free trial version of Teamviewer for business. However, if you want to use it personally, it is free.

You can start the journey by registering for Teamviewer Newsletter. Confirm the link sent to your email and then go on to the next phase in their website.

  • Click the button to Download and Install Teamviewer software on your computer. This is the trial version that you can use for your business for 15 days.

Installing the TeamViewer free trial

  • Next, send the Team Viewer/ quick support link to people you are supporting or helping to resolve issues on their computers by email. Teamviewer trial version - connection
  • Enter their Team Viewer ID in the Control Remote Partner ID field.

Allowing access to remote computer on TeamViewer

  • Connect to their computer by entering their password. Once you are connected you will see their remote desktop screens. Next, take control of the mouse and keyboard and fix computer issues on the spot.

Teamviewer Features

You will need to understand how the user interface works to be able to follow these simple steps. Let us analyze the user interface.

User Interface

There are two remote control options in the User Interface you can use to – allow a partner to get access to your computer or you get access to a partners computer.

Allow Remote Control

First, if you want to allow a partner to get access to your computer, you can also set up the remote control from your user interface by entering your user identity and temporary password. Also, you should note that you may change the password anytime you wish.Teamviewer connection

Control Remote Computer

Secondly, if you want to get access to a partners computer yourself, just enter your partner’s ID and choose the type of connection you want to start. You can start a remote control, file transfer, or VPN connection. Also, all the connections you start and connect will show on the taskbar of the remote control window in your user interface.

TeamViewer interface

Setting up a Meeting

Another thing on the user Interface of note is Meeting. When it comes to meeting you can either host a meeting or go on and join a meeting.

Host a meeting

If you wish to start a meeting choose between options – a presentation, video call or a phone call.  Also, you can start a meeting and manage it too on that meeting page on your user interface.

Join a meeting

To join a meeting enter your user name and the meeting ID you got from the person who invited you to the meeting. You may also get an email message inviting you for a meeting with a link that connects you to the meeting automatically.

You should note that you may need a password to enter a meeting if the person that invites you requires it.

TeamViewer UI


You can start Teamviewer free trial by following those four steps. That is not all. When you start, you should know how the platform works. Master the use of the user panel. Furthermore, learn how to connect to a partner or how a partner connects to you, and host or join a meeting so that you can enjoy your free trial while it lasts.

Hopefully, you can get a premium package for your business, after the free trial expires in 15 days.


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