Tekmetric Auto Shop Software

Tekmetric Auto Shop Software To The Rescue

Tekmetric auto shop software simplifies the process of running an auto shop – or even multiple auto shops – and makes the customer experience smoother. Essentially, Tekmetric gives you a platform to manage your business from your computer and puts valuable feedback and information in a single place right in front of you.Tekmetric Auto Shop Software

Tekmetric Auto shop software.

Benefits to auto shop owners

It’s easy to get started with Tekmetric auto shop software, and you can migrate data from your existing system so that you’re not doing the same data entry work again. Once you’ve got your software up and running, you’ll be impressed by how you elegant and powerful its workflow management capabilities are.

This auto shop software allows you to put together a work order or estimate from scratch in minutes, and it’s even faster if it’s for an existing customer. The costs of labour and parts are worked in automatically, and this auto shop software gives you breakdowns on profitability right away. Estimates, invoices and authorization forms can be created without paper or printed out, and all of these items can be tracked directly on your job board. Furthermore, Tekmetric works remotely, and it’s no problem to run multiple shops all from the same location, even your home.

The Tekmetric interface is easy-to-read and intuitive. As far as appointments are concerned, you can schedule them quickly and see them presented clearly on the calendar feature. Tekmetric also keeps track of your entire inventory, including OEM parts, so that you have the information you need at your fingertips during discussions with customers and team members. You’ll also know exactly when it’s time to reorder. This software is especially useful for tire inventory management, and it’s easy to include variables including tire taxes and disposal fees in your estimates and reports.

Tekmetric allows you to keep track of employee productivity, and you can choose who on your team is authorized to view what on the software. When it comes time to figure out the bottom line, this software has reporting features on criteria including profits, technician hours and gross sales.

Benefits to customers

This software allows you to build customer profiles that are robust and easy to access; therefore, you are able to make suggestions to your customers, give them reminders and generally serve them better. When you talk with a customer, you’ll have their appointment history, vehicle information, contact information and more right in front of you on the screen of your computer. It’s also easy to bring up canned jobs on the system so that you aren’t re-entering the same information over and over.

Built-in digital vehicle inspection features give you the power to quickly diagnose what is going on with a vehicle and give the customer an accurate sense of what you can do for them very quickly. It’s simple to upload photos. You can also use Tekmetric to send your customers texts and emails on the status of the jobs you are doing for them.

Highly connected software

Tekmetric is connected with a number of databases. For example, you can use it to check out vehicle history reports on CARFAX, order parts through PARTSTECH or look at OEM parts inventory lists on MOTOR.

In conclusion, today’s auto shop software makes it easier than ever to run a shop, and Tekmetric provides some of the best in the industry. The company was founded by auto shop owners, and they know what a manager needs to thrive in today’s competitive market. Furthermore, the Tekmetric team is easy to work with and will help you get started.

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