10 Best Teleprompter App for Android And iOS

In this article today, I will be listing 10 best teleprompter apps you can use on iPad, iPhone and Android phones. They are numerous apps you can use in form of a teleprompter but I will be listing the top 10 best you can use to your convenience on your Smartphone.

Teleprompter apps including features that would make you want to use them as your permanent teleprompter. They use simple and convenient ways that would allow you to get the complexity and high definition just like a professional camera. You would be sure to enjoy these apps.

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10 Best Teleprompter App for iPad, Android And iOS

  1. Selvi

Selvi is one of the best teleprompter apps to use at the convenience that enables you to use similar functions just like a professional that you see in TVs and movies. This app is available to download on your Android or iOS devices. It allows you to record using your device’s camera. Having an amazing resolution for taking videos, you do not need to memorize your texts as the app helps you in doing that.

  1. Parrot Teleprompter

parrot teleprompterParrot Teleprompter is another simple and easy to use teleprompting apps that enable you to use your smartphone if it is an Android or iOS into a professional teleprompter. It offers you a lot with its wide variety of features like the difference in text sizes, the change in scroll speed, the landscape and mirrored modes for scrolling scrip. It allows you to create numerous amounts of scripts, also to type and edit scripts, all these can be done on your Android or iOS device.

  1. dv Prompter

dv prompterdv Prompter is one of many teleprompter apps that is amazing and really good to use. This app is available for download on your Android and iOS devices. You are also allowed to put a change to the text and font size to your preference. It has a very nice interface that would be suitable for you; allowing you to touch the face of the text and swipe while you are using it.

  1. BIGVU

bigvuBIGVU is an amazing app that allows you to do most basic things other apps in this article permits you to do. This app is quite popular among users because it is very convenient and efficient. You can get it easily on your Android and iOS devices after you download this app you will have to use the registration of your Facebook account to get to it or your Google+. After you have done this, you can get access to various features the app offers.

  1. Flute Prompter

flute prompterFlute Prompter is another amazing app to use for a lot of things. There are a lot of things you can do on this app with its variety of features on your Android and iOS device. But this app, in particular, gives you ways as to which you can play the flute with videos. this teleprompter app provides you with either a short video or songs with fingerings notes that would display on the screen to enable you to acquire the ability to play the flute well.

  1. Teleprompter Pro Lite

teleprompter pro liteTeleprompter Pro Lite is another enabling amazing app part of the best teleprompter apps that allow you to do a lot of basic things. From customizing a lot of scripts to the speed of the controls and text sizes and more on your Android or iOS devices. This app also enables you to change your brightness level and more.

  1. PromptSmart

promptsmartPromptSmart is another fantastic app you would enjoy to use on your Android or iOS devices. With a new feature different from teleprompter apps in the article, it has a tracking system that tracks and recognizes your voice. So anytime you speak, it would automatically recognize that is you. There are numerous amounts of fonts on the app and colours you can select from any time you please.

  1. Video Teleprompter

video teleprompterVideo Teleprompter is a very useful and fantastic app that allows you to edit the videos you make the way you like. The texts you want to read out will be displayed on the face of the screen after you input it. The app gives you a very nice alignment of images and videos so you can easily select and edit them with your Android or iOS device.

  1. SingerPro

singer proSingerPro is one of the best teleprompter apps you can use easily and efficiently. You can use this app to do a lot of things like creating and editing the videos you make with complete ease. This app is available for Android users. The app does not have many difficulties hence it has most of the basic things a good teleprompter app should have.

  1. PIXAERO Teleprompter

PIXAERO eleprompterThis app is one of many teleprompter apps that give you a lot and enables you to edit your videos. You can get it on your Android. It enables you to adjust font sizes and displayed speed. Its other features vary from importing texts files to supporting Bluetooth devices and allowing your device to sync into the cloud.

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So, decide and download any of the apps in the article for they are the best teleprompter apps you would find regardless of how you search. Apps with different and amazing features that would be convenient for your use and make you work efficiently

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