The Titanic Fight between MTN and Etisalat

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Written by Abe Cherian

The tussle over Visafone 800 MHZ between MTN Nigeria and Etisalat Nigeria is over the air wave. The Minister of Communication Adebayo Shittu, said recently on interview that if any of the party is not satisfied, it should seek court validation.

Visafone was originally owned by Jim Ovie, of Zenith Bank PLC, one of the surviving CDMA operators in Nigeria. If you were fortunate to read my previous article on the problems with CDMA in Nigeria, it will not be hard for you to figure out the reasons why Visafone sold its 800 MHZ spectrum. There is an adage that says “if you can’t beat them, join them”. I think this made Visafone took this final decision.


In this decision, it left acquisition tussle between two giant GSM network providers, MTN Nigeria and Etisalat Nigeria, a court fight. Recently Nollytech Trending gathered that Etisalat  has sued MTN and Visafone Nigeria LTD. The sued is based on the acquisition of Visafone 800 Megahertz spectrum by MTN Nigeria.

A close source from Etisalat confirmed to Nollytech Trendy, that the company actually considered the action as a matter of necessity to stop the use of Visafone spectrum by MTN. According to the source, this will go a long way to entrench the dominance in the retail data service market.

We’ll report further as the issue unfolds subsequently.

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