6 Worst Thesis Writing Mistakes to Avoid

A huge part of doing something right is not doing it wrong. If you find yourself eye to eye, so to speak, with a thesis, the first thing you have to learn is what thesis writing mistakes you should avoid. Learning the best practices will come at its own rate, but right now you should concentrate on not making any blunders – and this article will help you learn how to write a thesis paper better.

Thesis Writing mistakes you should avoid

So what are some of the worst thesis writing mistakes you should look out for? Let’s find out.

Thesis Writing Mistakes You Should Avoid.

  • Superficial Research Question

A thesis is by definition is very deep research into a very narrow issue. If your research question doesn’t answer this requirement, you are doing something wrong. Don’t follow the same principles you did when you wrote undergraduate or master’s papers – when working on a thesis you are expected to demonstrate a much, much greater focus and depths of analysis. Read successful theses written by other people, buy a high-quality thesis sample from a writing service like DoMyThesis.net, in other words – learn how a well-written thesis looks like and imitate it.

  • Starting to Write Too Late

Here we are talking not about procrastination but about the process of writing as opposed to idea gathering and source analysis. A thesis is a huge assignment, usually no less than 10 000 words. If you put off writing per se and keep on working with sources, you risk finding yourself in a situation when there is too little time to create a high-quality piece of writing. In order to produce a good thesis one has to put it through several drafts – if you physically don’t have enough time to do it, the overall quality will suffer.

  • Starting to Write Too Early

This diametrically opposite thesis writing mistakes can be just as harmful to your work. If you start writing your thesis too early in the process of information gathering, you have to write while you don’t have much to say. Before you write the first word, you should already have plenty of research to back your ideas up. No less importantly, remember that it is important to let your thoughts incubate for a while before trying to express them – this will guarantee you’ll write them in the best possible form.

  • Ambiguity

Even if you don’t make grammar and syntactic errors, it doesn’t mean that you are good at expressing yourself in writing. Avoid ambiguous and vague language, don’t use phrases that can be understood in more than one way. This sort of thing is unacceptable in scientific writing, and your thesis is exactly this – an attempt to prove that you can write in this style.

  • Wrong Topic

There are many ways in which a topic may be wrong. It may be wrong for you-you are just not interested in it enough, and after a couple of weeks reading up on it you just stare at your computer screen and ask yourself, “What made me think I can write my thesis paper about this?”. It may be too obscure, with not enough sources and information to work with. Or vice versa, it may be too well researched, without anything meaningful to add. In other words, your very choice of topic can doom the entire enterprise from the very beginning.

  • Plagiarism

This is about the worst thing you can do. Plagiarism has always been a bad idea, but today, with numerous anti-plagiarism tools easily available even to middle school teachers let along university professors, it borders on insanity. A plagiarized thesis will not only fail to move you forward, but it can also (and most likely will) get you expelled. Don’t do this, period. And make sure to check your writing using the aforementioned tools to check if you’ve forgotten to quote some material from the books you’ve used or written some passages that are suspiciously similar to something written by another researcher on the same subject.

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We hope this list will help you avoid the worst blunders, but don’t be mistaken – there are many ways to go wrong when writing a thesis, and what we’ve written here is but scratching the surface. The rest, you will have to discover by yourself.

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