Top 10 Free Tinder Alternative apps for Android/iOS

Tinder is an online dating app that lets you meet people that match your criteria or your preference, by letting you communicate with them constantly in the hopes of getting together. Over the year’s tinder has been number 1 as the leader of dating apps, but due to the tens of millions of followers they get on their app monthly, the app is becoming a slug. And seeing that fact, other companies have seen it as an opportunity to create free alternative apps like Tinder. So below I will list and show you 10 alternate apps that rank like tinder and work on either Android or iOS.

Top 10 Free Tinder Alternatives apps for Android/iOS


  1. OkCupid

okcupidOkCupid is our first dating app on this article that shares almost every comparison with tinder. An app that lets you search for people that match your criteria and preference, and lets you connect with them. This app has a wide range of users almost like tinder, with amazing features like allowing you see people or other interest that view your page, and even allows you to communicate with them if you please. OkCupid works on both Android and iOS.

2. Bumble

bumbleOn this article, the second free app like tinder is Bumble. Free to download and free to use on Android and iOS. It is most favorable for women to use because it allows them to engage in conversations they want to converse in, whether or not any man likes their page. It gives the full power of conversations to women, unlike tinder that allows men to initiate conversations first.

  1. Skout

skoutThe idea Skout put out there is quite different from other alternative dating sites. This app allows you to share and meet people with the same interests as you and categorizes them into two, based generally on your age if you are still a teen or a full grown adult. It does not just grade your choices on people to meet and flirt with or date, but to also travel with and play sports with and explore new places, all to the aim of finally falling in love. You can get it on Android and iOS.

  1. Match

matchMatch is a free dating app that allows you to search for people with the same interest as you, available on Android and iOS. It is widely used and vastly popular. It lets you connect with them, start discussions and get you to know each other. An app that gathers people together and hosts events so people can connect more with each other rather than just seeing each other and other people online all the time.

  1. Lovoo

lovooThis is a very popular app also, easy to get on Android and iOS. It has a close-range search of people around you with the same interest as you, so you can rapidly meet up and get to know each other better. Rather than getting paired up with someone that is hundreds of miles away from you.


  1. Hinge


Apparently, this app is available and free for iOS users, very easy for use and download. It allows you to search and meet random people and chat with them. You will have to fill details and your interest so you can be paired with the people sharing similar interest as you.


  1. Clover

cloverThis is another app that helps you find people to connect and meet up to chat and know each other. It allows you to communicate and find people with complete ease, starting a conversation and lets you share an interest. It does not have as many features but its best feature of all is to allow you to view an image of the person you are interested in, in full-screen mode. This app also works for both Android and iOS.

  1. Happn

happnHappn is another similar app to Tinder, available on Android and iOS. It allows you to locate people around you that share a similar interest. It also makes use of your location by informing you of other users that are close to your location. If you like the person you can send the person a message and if the person likes your page back, they would reply.


  1. Woo

wooWoo allows you to meet people of different races and background, regardless of where they have been or where they are. It lets you communicate with them and lets you view their page. This app is very easy to use and interesting, it is also available on Android and iOS.


  1. Tastebuds

tastebudsThis app is not really different from every other alternative app on this article. It lets you search for strangers, so you can meet, chat, flirt and get to know each other better with the sole aim of either starting a relationship or falling in love, easy to get on iOS. This app has a very interesting feature unlike the others, it goes through your music and searches for people with similar music as yours then connects you with those people.



There are a lot of free alternative apps like tinder, but this list has the 10 best apps you can use or share with people that are completely unaware of it. With amazing features, these apps let you find people to connect to, with ease and communicate with them.

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